Mesut Özil (10)


When you used the word “german and non-german”… that includes a hell lot of people.

No doubt Hoenss and/or Grindel used racial slur/inappropriate language to criticize Ozil… but there is no contradict to what Kroos said. German NT, the team itself does not have racism. Khedira and Boateng choose to stay.


That’s because Ozil’s statement was largely a jumbled mess of various different issues conflated together tbh.


Don’t see why it shouldn’t be, he isn’t a speech writer and was attempting to address a number of things that had taken place over a lengthy period.

Even if that’s your opinion there’s little excuse for believing that he was calling “everyone” racists.


Tbf he wasn’t referring to the DFB being involved in that.

He was saying g he was receiving g that kinda thing in the media, but wasn’t supported by the DFB while it was happening. These are different things.


After Ozil statement, only one ex-NT player Poldi and two current players (Boateng and Brandt) came out to “support” him. You can tell most of his teammates don’t agree of what he thought and what he said.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe there is racism, but when you had a chance to target a couple of people (Hoeness, Grindel) by using the hand gun, you chose to use a rifle to shoot a bunch of people… that hurts people’s feeling…

Of course Ozil feels bad as he was targeted by some assholes, we should also consider how his NT teammates feel, when he said he was not supported by DFB and only mentioned Low and Bierhoff. What about the others???


Is that not exactly what he did?

He ethered Grindel especially. Im not gonna take the word of some white boys that there’s no racism when a brown boy says there is.


When you are saying you don’t get support from DFB, and you are playing the racism card… for me (just for me), he is blasting most if not all, even you may just target a person or two.

IMO (just my opinion, okay???), when you bring up nationality… it is not about a person or two… your feeling is on a group of people… a large group.


Not wanting to get in the middle of this debate, but I would just throw this out there as an anecdote for reflection that is pretty awesome (again, not claiming equivalence either):


He was referring to how he is either considered German or not German based on whether the team has been successful, that doesn’t include “a hell of a lot of people” at all, it refers to him alone.


Oz was very clear. Only the people who wanted to put all the blame on him misunderstood his words.


I don’t think it was a jumbled mess, it was a three part statement with each part focusing on a clearly defined aspect.


it is not “alone” IMO.
“German” is not just exclusively himself.
When DFB was winning, he was classified and belong to a group.
When DFB was losing he wasn’t count as part of that group.


Toni Kroos is a cunt tbh anyway


I honestly can’t make any sense of your post so I don’t know how to respond. He was evidently talking about how his nationality is perceived by others, he wasn’t including a hell of a lot of other people.


I don’t see what is wrong on my interpretation…

You said it right, he was talking about how his nationality was perceived by others, and this also mean “acceptance”, “recognition” by others.

If you (I mean Ozil) are hitting back, saying people don’t treat you as a German in some situations… then how could it NOT INVOVED others??


I think I understand you better now :+1:


I know my English sucks… :joy:


Got love for Özil but as a #10 I’d take the likes of James Rodriguez over him any day.

Someone who is frequently a match winner rather than spectator.


Enough of him in the big matches. Can’t perform at a high level.


He’s not in good form right now, that’s for sure.