Mesut Özil (10)


He had a bad game. The declining talk after one bad game is typical nonsense that you like to post to get a reaction.


Only because he didn’t look the same for a majority of last year and this summer had a piss poor performance for Germany. Can’t recall the last time he put in a master class.


He played well at times last season. He was also playing on a very disjointed team that had largely given up by the holidays.

Created a ton of chances for a German team that was also poor from top to bottom.

Let’s revisit this in May.


His touch was woeful the whole game, expect better from him.



He was absolute shit today, though I don’t understand why we didn’t start Ramsey at CM and Ozil at CAM.


Maybe he was required to do a lot of defensive work, thus not looking like Özil.


You really don’t understand?

Lemme give you a hint: :unai:

Emery was always going to set up this way, and Emery was always very bad news for Özil and the last couple years of his prime.

Alright, I’ll really go away now. :grimacing: Couldn’t resist.


Stats never really tell the whole story though, do they?

I don’t need him making ball recoveries and pointing, shouting, punching an opposing player in the face and smoking a cigarette mid-game just to appease the over 50 crowd who voted LEAVE and believe real men don’t cry.

He’s in the team to make chances and it didn’t feel like he was really that involved.


Ramsey is shit at CM but has to be shoe-horned in the side (on the wing would be more terrible). This midfield with three centre midfielders was always going to happen as soon as Emery was appointed.


Aye, I agree. That’s what Mesut does best, But isn’t that what this coach is all about? Everyone working in all phases of the game?


Absolutely. It has to be a collective effort but I’d rather see him make no ball recoveries and serve up 8 good chances to our strikers. Maybe he’s just got to be a small to medium game player for us until Emery figures out what kind of formation to play against better teams.


Yea this worries me. Hopefully just an off day and it doesn’t become a habit…


AC for the rest of the season. It’s a shit catchphrase but we’ll get used to it.


I can’t get my head around Ozil
He has all the ability but he doesn’t Use it . He could be a serious player for the Arsenal but he doesn’t produce it . Very unlike a German player .


Never seen him have so much ball and waste it like today. Decision making was awful at times. Plus side was he was totally involved but right out of sorts.


Sell him
Quite frankly for what he brings to the big games or the lesser games he is very poor . For a German World Cup winner he is piss poor in an Arsenal shirt . Cash in come January.




C’mon Mesut! New manager, new challenge. Wenger is not here anymore.


Luca, why isn’t Ozil doing it ?
Overrated by the media ?