Mesut Özil (10)




Those boots are fire.



OG boots :heart_eyes:


Adidas are gonna market the hell out of him when they take over, preordering my M10 jersey as soon as the new kits out.


Mesut turning super saiyan once Adidas take over.

Would buy if I still played futbol.


Classy boots for classy player.


To get in the new season groove


Really believe he is going to have a great season for us. Comes back from the WC and gets shown the love by his club after being made a scapegoat for the WC failings

He will be out to show Germany what they are missing, hopefully!


He’ll be shit again :slight_smile:




Just like your post.


Fuck out mate


Ok you bulgarian fucker.


I think he’ll channel all the rage from the NT debacle into performing well for Emery. I also think that if we can sort out last season’s midfield mess it will end up letting creative players like Özil perform even better. Not to mention that in order to get assists you need your strikers to score and both Auba and Laca seem to be loving life atm.


42M, it was a steal.


If he plays at CAM he’ll be on fire it’s not even up for debate.


only one condition…

Don’t fucking play Welbeck and/or Iwobi next to him. Nobody, not even the greatest coach in the world, can save those 2 and make them productive.

Ozil is not a goal scorer already, we don’t need another 2 link up, build up, whatever fuck up players of that category.


One day I’m gonna enjoy quoting Arsenal fans on Iwobi… you’s are in for a shock !

#IDF #IwobiDefenceForce


Once he stops those horrible horrible sidefoot shots he will ball.

I wanna see him lash shit into top corners etc, his shots so far are so fucking puny.

Everything else is pretty good tbh