Mesut Özil (10)


Finally someone who defends him.





would you want him at arsenal though? Haha theguy is a fucking fraud of a player. In all honesty i cant see what gives him this massive name that everyone seemingly thinks he is great, maybe it is just the team he plays for…he is a shit striker in reality i have seen far better players with less of a rep than this twat.


To be fair to him, he was a good player imo from about 2009-2014 (read: GOOD, not much more than that, but being a good Bavarian boy that’s mate’s with the journalists gets you extra hype), especially in 2012-2014, but he has been complete and utter monkeycrap since.


With this support, it’s no wonder that Mesut retired from international football.


The way that Bayern team are closing ranks on Özil is pretty despicable. Are they hoping that if enough of them pass the blame onto Mesut people will forget that half their squad had an appalling World Cup for that same national team?!

Mia San Twats


Brandt has the courage to speak it out loud, but I expected more.
I am disappointed of Mesut’s NT teammates’ silence.
I am not even asking any of them to blast the DFB, but at least show some support and say something nice.
So far only Poldi, Boateng and Brandt (maybe I miss a couple more) did that, no more.
I am disappointed.


He shouldd consult with his team’s CB or LB before making an idiot out of himself.


Its in their blood to be that way inclined.


I’m not surprised at all, I suspected that Özi’s decision to leave the national team was as much to do with how DFB handled the situation as it was with how a good deal of his teammates reacted as well.

Realsing how perhaps the majority of the senior figures in the side are utter bellends definitely played its part also, they played like shit at the WC but it was also clearly evident that there was no unity in the sqaud.

I can easily see a decline for Germany in the foreseeable future and it’s richly deserved.


No racism in sports? Sadly, it’s a complete bollock. Just look at all the fascist supporters around the world.


You can tell with the way he plays that he has shit for brains, but this comment just confirms it.

No racism in any sport :arteta: when black American Football players can’t find teams because they object to their brothers and sisters being killed by police :arteta:

When black players in Italy, Spain and France have bananas thrown at them. Not to mention eastern europe…

But what would this ignorant, insulated lanky cunt fool know of it?

He shouldn’t speak on these kinds of things, ever tbh

Man, next time Bayern play Real Madrid, I’ll be sure to support Madrid now, and enjoy them making Neuer et al their bitches again (AC Milan need to come back properly too, Milan always had this rich man’s Celtic’s number)


You were right about him. A total useless cunt.


I thought you were talking about Ozil then. Was going to give your post a like :wink:


I don’t really agree the way how Ozil burnt the bridge and played the race game. Germany did not win 2010 WC, they did not win 2012 Euro, they did not win 2016 Euro, and WC 2018. This was only the first time he got the blame. It was not really like “when Germany won Ozil was a German, and when Germany lost Ozil was an immigrant”. It was never like that.

HOWEVER, where was fucking Muller??? He had been suck after 2014, and 2018WC he was disastrous. Not man enough to come out and share some blame?
I think Neuer was okay, consider his year long injury, but how about Hummels, Boateng, Kimmich, Werner, Draxler and all other fuck ups??? Nobody come out and admit their lousy performance??? If not the game winning freekick, Kroos was shit also.
That’s why people say, tough times show real characters. They don’t have the spine to speak the truth. That’s the part I am very disappointed.

Their talent pool is huge, so I don’t think they will really decline in anyway. When they start winning again, people will move on.


Is it possible that quote is a bit of a dodgy translation?


were you talking to me??


Not specifically no . Anyone who would know. Just seems an incredible thing to say.


what quote you were talking about???


This one. No idea where you’d find the German.