Mesut Özil (10)


Looks like Germany is realising you don’t take the :goat: on and win.


This made me spit out a little bit of beer


I don’t speak for the German, I said how I see the whole thing why Matthaus photo was not as bad as Ozil.

See my reply to @Trion, I said it was absolutely hypocrisy.



He wouldn’t say it to Keown’s face :blush:


Agreed. Its convenient though is it not.


Hope arsenal Twitter take this virgin twat down


Gotta get him involved with MI ATLÉTI :heart:


Özil obviously supports Erdoğan though, which could only be surprising if you think he’s turned a stable democracy into the new USSR.

Or if you think Özil is very interested in politics…


Özil chat has got an upgrade :fire:


I see we’re sticking with the blatantly obvious hyperbole in his chant. Nice. :giroud3:


No hyperbole.

:100:% facts


He’s back!


Better than Zidane.
Too good for Germany.


Whatever his stances on this and that, hope the entire debacle triggers him to work even harder for us now lol


No one called the fun police. Fuck off :wink:



FOH plastic kraut


Chuck him out the defence league!!!


Don’t really understand what you’re saying here?