Mesut Özil (10)


Just so unfortunate.

Matthaus and Ballack had similar comments (don’t deserve the free ticket on the team) on Podolski after 2010 WC…
However, Poldi was a happy guy, shrug off the negative comments and stayed till 2016, received a heroic sent out when representing Germany one last time last year.
On the other hand, Ozil is way more sensitive… very sensitive to the comments, especially the negative comments…

So unfortunate.


Men are not really equal, you know???

I don’t even like Matthaus’ personality but have to admit, he is a true legend, and one of the few standouts among all German NT players.

One thing I am not 100% (did not research it) that, Matthaus was really representing DFB or he was a representative of FIFA to meet Putin.

That makes a huge difference IMO.


Regardless of him being a true legend, if the stance is that as a German, you are not to be associated with individuals who are considered abhorrent, then no German should be exempt of that stance.
It’s just hypocrisy to maintain such exemptions.


So should Matthaeus be sacked from his position with the DFB then?


Absolutely correct, hypocrisy.

Hoeness, Reinhardt… a bunch.


Nah, he is shit.


I am merely pointing out the hypocrisy.
I don’t see posing with a dictator as criminal offence.



Would that be the same as welshman being called sheep shaggers. That never gets called racist.


That’s because it’s just the natural order of things.


The euros still rankling then.:sunglasses:


It is the same, sand even that is racist as well; I get why people don’t see it that way



Respect… from a good friend.


Love that


So another word it’s okay for Matthaus’ to shake hands with Putin because…

  1. He’s a “REAL” German
  2. He’s a legend

Think Ozil is right there about the double standards and hypocrisy.


Özil’s agent is good with words. It was fantastic when he took down Keown.


MY AGENT :heart:


It would also be nice if the agent and Ozil could admit how bad the timing of this particular meeting was.

But I guess this stuff is exacttly what they need to keep talking around that.


While Ozil is in the right, I think Germany has done their fair share of good deeds in bringing in immigrants & helping them find their feet in German society & prosper.

Heard many good stories about them. I hope the recent surge in immigration, the foolish acts of few bad immgrant apples and these controversies doesn’t deter Germany from being awesome.


Ozil and reps are shitting all over them. Go Mesut.