Mesut Özil (10)


The thing is it isn’t just the issue of racism, he feels aggrieved by DFB as well, they’ve treated him poorly.

To the point where putting on the shirt no longer feels the same.


International football sucks anyway. He’ll win more with us :unai:


If Özil had had Russian heritage and was sucking Putin’s dick this shamelessly everyone from both sides of the political spectrum would have fucking lynched him by now.

I think a lot of this race issue being brought up is to deflect from the real case at hand which is that Özil publically came out in support of a nasty dictator days before a key election. I wonder why, what coincidental timing :thinking::thinking: I’m sure Erdogan didn’t want to try and leverage Özil’s fame or anything. And why would Özil go along with it?

Frankly if Özil is so Turkish and loves Turkey so much, I don’t see why he didn’t choose to play for the Turkish national team.

It’s fine by me, no more national team duty for him so he can get more rest and now he doesn’t have to pretend to give a shit about Germany anymore.

Has he even posted the same statement in German or has it only been published in English?


It’s not just German fans, though.

High ranking DFB officials such as the president and general manager have been on his case constantly. A German politician called him a “goat fucker”. The chief of German theatre told him to “piss off to Anatolia”. He has been called a Turkish pig. It’s relentless.

How anyone can just get on with it when half the abuse is coming from within your own organisation is beyond me. Personally, I think he made the right decision. And I hope it results in the DFB having a long hard look at themselves because at the moment their organisation looks like a bit of a shambles.


This is so weak man. People with dual/multiple heritage can feel an affinity with both/several parts of their heritage.


I can’t stand this line of thinking. So because he’s proud of his Turkish roots he shouldn’t have played for Germany, a country that has given him so much?

He’s been a victim of relentless racism and has every right to feel aggrieved about it.

He’s a German-Turk in much the same way I consider myself a British Moroccan. And I’m as proud of being British as I am of being Moroccan and would hate to be made to feel like I cannot appreciate the links I have to my home just because it upsets some bigoted people who are so disgustingly far right.

He’s a World Champion with Germany and has been one of the country’s best players over the last decade. He’s clearly shown his love for Germany.


He’s done 1 Turkish thing and like 100 German things :thinking:


If you love Morocco so much why don’t you go and live there?


You don’t know how many times I’ve heard that lol


What is misunderstood here and probably the cause of the whole issue is that most people in western Europe don’t understand how traditionally rooted nationalism is in Turkey. You can very well disagree with Erdoğan and his politics, you still go and say hi, take a picture give a shirt to him etc. If invited. What this action means is interpreted by “westerners” as something different than it means to a Turkish person. Saying Özil “came out in support” isn’t really true.

Saying “if you love Turkey so much why don’t you make out with it” or similar is not a great argument. He is German, he plays for Germany. He also, at the same time, has a different view on what meeting a leader of a country means. There is a cultural gap here I think.


For the record, I’ve not said Ozil should shut up about racism. You said I said that


Yea, I think he never thought about the consequences, which is weird as the topic Erdogan has been around German media for such a long time now. It takes a lot of ignorance from himself and his advisers to not see the negative reactions coming.


I think there’s a strong implication that you’re saying he should shut up about racism in this post.



So were the three dumps I took today.


Do you know if Hakan Calhanoglu received much abuse in Germany when he came out in support of Erdogan?



I said keep schtum about the photograph. Not about the racism.


He made his point by releasing a statement. To me you saying that he should have made his point by playing football is clearly implying that that’s what he should have done instead of calling it out.

Ozil way of dealing with the racism was calling it out, you literally said that you don’t agree with his way of dealing with it. And as SRCJJ said, you’ve said he needs to get over it.

But if you can honestly say you weren’t implying that then fine. But I still think your opinion is trash and you’ve done nothing to answer the people who have clearly said that him quitting the NT is because of how their football association have treated him. I suspect that’s because you don’t have an answer to that.


He came back. Then asst. managed the side. So it is a bit meh looking back.


Not happy with his recent football performances but I think he has done nothing wrong meeting Erdogan.

Even if he really backed Erdogan so what? If I’m a Turk I won’t exactly be happy with the US and the EU supporting the Kurds to carve out a new country out of Turkey, Syria and Iraq to create Kurdistan.