Mesut Özil (10)


Good, fuck Germany. Let him rest during the international breaks


Wenger committing the mortal sin of not declaring Oezil to be flawless in every aspect. :eyes:


I don’t believe any of this Erdogan stuff. If he burnt all bridges then he burnt them 2 months ago when it happened, not suddenly after having a bad world cup. If they were still in it and he was player of the tournament I’m sure it’d be a different story.

Just retire mate. He’s nearing 30, been an international for like a decade, won a world cup, why continue if they’re going to give him shit? There are players capable of taking his place and if he does have recurring back trouble then he might as well try and prolong his club career. If he knackers himself he might end up missing the next tournament squad anyway.


It could have simmered since it happened though. And the Erdogan thing and the bad World Cup could have cumulated into the bridges being burned. I would love for him to add another European Championship to his resume, but it seems this German squad is far away from success in 2020. And in 2022 he’ll be like 33. Probably for the best to quite indeed. He has nothing to play for.


Bierhoff came out and validated this incident. He even said they should have never included Ozil on the WC squad in the beginning.
They did not expect the team spirit was damaged that badly… and the team was basically divided into two.

Conspiracy or not, now everything makes sense to me…
Why 4 attacking players overloaded on the right side, and nothing from the left (Kroos did not pass to Plattenhardt).
Why the German NT had zero cohesion and looked they had never trained before (this is nothing about performance, but they were “nothing” like a team, and this never happened before)

I don’t blame Ozil, I just blame the management.
They are too naïve.


Because of this incident?


Germans (fans or not) were pretty upset that Ozil and Gundogan met with Erdogan and it was a hot topic on all media.
Technically the reports said it was Gundogan calling Erdogan “my president”, and Ozil did not. However, Ozil never said a thing and this upset a lot of people IMO.
It was a mess before the WC.


Have you seen what Ozil’s father said about the situation?


I did not… the only thing I found (of course, from internet) about his father was, he would quit the NT if he was Mesut.

For me, Gundogan is gone for sure… but Mesut was, and always is Low’s favorite… unless Mesut really wants to quit, otherwise, I think he still has a chance on the NT, BUT, he really need to come out and say something politically correct… he remains silence for too long.

Remember the “national anthem” discussion? A lot of players were accused for not singing the anthem, and this “Erdogan incident” was just the final straw of all these “neutralization” issues.


I feel he should say nothing; at the end of the day of people can align themselves wherever. Ozil does not need to please the German people or other players. I don’t see these player moaning about German ties to Saudi Arabia.

He is Turkish if he feels drawn to the people in charge, he should be able to do so.

If other players had issues they should have spoken to Ozil, ffs they are grown men and known each other for the better part of a decade.


I mostly agree of what you said, but keep in mind that, “being silence” can be very dangerous if people don’t understand you and lack of communication.

My perfect example is Podolski. People called him shit player, some accused him of not singing the national anthem, and he even brought up his Polish heritage numerous times in front of media, but he was still “welcome” and “accepted” by majority because of his dedication to the city of Koln and his “loyalty” to the German NT. He even paid visit to Poland (can’t remember before or during the tournament) around the 2012 Poland-Ukraine Euro and nobody said anything.
People knew what kind of person Poldi was. They knew his character. Yes, he is Polish, and he is also the Kolsche-Jung, the Koln boy.

On the other hand, Ozil did not say much about on this topic. People (including myself) don’t know which side he is really on, and if he is really “proud” of putting on the German NT jersey or not. Sometimes, you have to let people know.
People don’t know Ozil, they don’t understand him… too many unknowns.

I know it is stupid, but some people are really sensitive on this kind of stuff. You have to do “extra” do avoid troubles… yes, it is stupid.
Silence is gold, but not always.

(I want to keep this on the superficial discussion level because I am not familiar with the Muslim religion)


Why does he need to let people know what side he’s on? He’s had tremendous success with the German national team so whether he is more proud of his German citizenship or his Turkish ancestry is irrelevant in the face of all he’s given to the NT.


That’s my guess… ease.

I try to answer your question from the extremist/right wing’s point of view… does he looks like a “mercenary”???


I understand that and apologies if it seemed I was barking at you. I just don’t think it’s fair on Ozil to have to do that.


No worries, apology is not needed :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree it is not fair… but that’s life. Sometimes you need to work extra hard to blend in to a culture and society, even you may be the 2nd or 3rd generations already.

It was just unfortunate… Protectionism and Conservative/Right Wing is getting more power and power all over the world in the past few years. Being an immigrant is never easy, and is more tougher these days.


Happy with that to a degree, Ozil is already a world cup winner now he’s 30 and can just focus on club football.


I think right wingers (not so much conservatives), would use him as muse to say “oh look; no matter how long their stay, they don’t see themselves as one of us”.

The best and worse thing is to be silent in this case. I mean I f he goes and apologise then the Turkish people would barrate him, just the same as some Germans are. So in affect he is in a lose lose situation.

Best just focus on being the best 10 in the league.



Its actually a joke how big a thing this has become.


Good for us. Just focus on Arsenal from now.


If Ozil had any sense he would have waited until retirement before he took his pictures with 1st world dictators.