Mesut Özil (10)


10+ goals and assists per season is what he has been doing every season since he has been here. He lowest has been 4 goals and 6 assists in 22 games in the 14/15 season.


His consistency of disappearing in big/important games is as many as the games he did perform against inferior teams.

If you like that, and still okay after he get a huge pay raise, fine, I don’t mind, we just have different opinions.


You both are though, you’re expecting Ozil to score 10 league goals, he’s never done that in his whole career and you expect him to start aged 30


Please… I am not even talking about stats here…

I watch the games, not just looking at stats…

He may give you impressive stats, but there were so many times that when the team (including German NT) needed him, he acted like a bystander and not getting involved.


he said what I wanted to say… what he said is not wrong imo, he wants more from Mesut in someway, I want more from Mesut in other ways… no conflict.

There is nothing wrong to ask more assist and goals from him, but I am just not asking these but others.


The fact that he’s 30 has nothing to do with his ability to score. He still has a great physical condition.

What he needs to do up his shots per game and his goal yield will increase. Throughout his Arsenal career, he’s never averaged 2.0 shots per game despite occupying a central attacking role, it’s a clear deficiency he needs to work on.

Considering his talent as world class player, the talent in the squad and his experience. I feel with the right attacking system in place he can score ten league goals over the course of the season easily. Auba and Miki are totally facilitators capable of top level link up 10 league goals from Ozil is a test but a fair one


This is an area that he can easily improve.
We have seen quite a number of times that he was in good and right position to shoot but he just passed it out instead.




A shame the kit is godawful because I would have bought this.

Everything feels right now.


Best to wait for the Adidas contract to start this time next year.


In order to feel fabulous you’ve got to look fab. I’m sure he’ll have his best season for us wearing the 10 shirt…oh and actually having a world class forward to feed won’t hurt either.




A proper manager and a proper striker in front of him. He’s winning POTY :sunglasses:


“welcome to my city” :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


He is already back! :cech:


It’s probably just a pre recorded promotion luca haha. Özil won’t be back at Arsenal for weeks


Yeah no way he was wearing that hoodie today. He’d be melting.


I know Özil well, he is a fantastic, exceptional footballer but him and Gündogan suffered from what happened before the World Cup (Erdogan business). They have been vindicated in Germany. Özil is a guy who needs support, he doesn’t need controversy.

When I watched him play, I could feel that there were situations in the game where he could have moved forward, progressed more vertical. He played security. I always was thinking come on, that’s not the real Özil I know, the guy who can kill. He did play alright, but I think he didn’t play with the complete freedom, he played a little bit with the handbrake at this World Cup.



Does the same apply to Gündogan?