Mesut Özil (10)


What do those expectations entail exactly?


PFA player of the year :ozil2:


This hate on Ozil, because that is what it is at this point, gets extremely tiring.


Not sure it’s hate.

He is able to and should be doing more, with that said some need to accept the player he is at this point.

He’s not an all conquering #10 in the mould of James, KDB etc.


What does he need to do more? Because asking for him to do more means him taking the ball, dribble it and put it in the net. He has been the creative hub for his time here already.


Please dont mention James in the same sentence as KDB.


Don’t hate on the Colombian Prince mate.


Dont insult the belgian chocolate king mate


Seriously? Ozil isn’t going to change his personality or playing style aged 30, which he will be come October.


Then it is really sad.


Or your expectations are unreasonable.


IF you are truly, I mean truly satisfied of what he is playing, then feel free to say I am unreasonable.

I have seen his past, I know his ability, he can do more, a lot more than just showing up against Ludogorets, and contribute more in big/important games.


Maybe he was too comfy under wenger like 98% of our squad, hopefully a firework will be lit under a lot of our team and we will see what they can actually do with a bit of coaching and an occaisional kick up the arse.


You expect him to be Messi. Which he is not. Nor has he ever been.


Not entirely satisfied but I don’t a 30yo to change his game or dribble as often as when he was 23.

And you’re expecting him to shoot more, it’s not going to happen.

Just be happy we have PEA to make runs for him to pass to.


Ron isn’t saying he wants Ozil to change his game. All I want is for him to do what he does best more often and take control of our attack.

He has the ideal striker now, and if he’s deployed at AM I’m expecting 10+ league assists and goals at the very least. That’s not unreasonable at all considering his talent and experience


you read my mind


Yeah, he already does a lot more than just turn up against the likes of Ludogorets. Don’t be fucking ridiculous.

This is why people are defensive over Ozil, because people take a fucking quality goal and performance of his in a game that mattered (but against poor opposition ofc) and use it as a stick to beat him with.


He has 50 assists in his 5 seasons here whilst having three seasons in which he played less than 30 games. He would have easily averaged 10+ per season. But you want him to add 10+ goals too?


There’s no point applying averages in this situation, makes alot more sense to look at his stats on a season per season basis.

For Ozil in 18/19 I want to see 10+ assists and goals at the very least for sure. There’s nothing unreasonable there and it’s perfectly fair considering the talent in the squad.