Mesut Özil (10)


Expected. This is what I object to. Of course he wasn’t great. The entire team had been playing like shite and if he wasnt included in that then they’d have won.

But it’s the singling out that gets me. There is no reason to target him especially over many of the others that played. That’s what I , and I assume many others object to.

But we all know where the motivation for this singling out comes from.

It was such a nice story, with all these children of immigrants from all over the world, like Poland, Tunisia, Turkey, Albania, winning the first world cup for a unified Germany in 2014.

Of course, with the way the world is now in 2018, that there was no way such a feel good story would be occurring now.

Wonder if he retires.


This is just disgusting.

My suggestion to Mesut is, have a good rest in summer, search his inner soul, and come back fresh next season.
Play his ass out every single time, and try to be a complete player rather than just a passing machine.

Shit criticism will go.

He can be way more than just making passes.


After reading that, Ozil should continue to say a big fuck to this bunch of nazi boys.



You’re describing Sanchez lol. Awfully inefficient player.


I never said I want Ozil dribbling to the dead end and wait for 3 players to surround him :slight_smile:


But what do you what? Let’s say he does 4 take ons more per game, but nothing comes of it. Because he has done more that would have satisfied you?


You assume he is going to fail and not able to beat anybody one on one (even the Koreans) without trying???

When your shit teammates are in a slump, when the opponents are parking the bus, when your original game plan just doesn’t work… I want to see something different. I want to see some players with good technical skills to try something different, to take on more risks, not just tippy tappy and making safe 5 yard passing simply because of the stupid and meanlingless ball possession; and I am not asking Jerome Boateng to play like Beckenbauer.

Yes, I want more from Mesut Ozil. I started watching him since the Bremen days, I know what he can do, and he is just not doing it, not even the team needs him desperately.

My example is, when you need a goal urgently, and he is in the perfect position to take the shot. Instead of shooting the ball, he played a brilliant pass to his teammates and his teammates screw it up, screwing up for the whole night.
Yes, he had the nice and perfect passing, create a scoring chance but he should have taken the shot in the beginning.

p.s. my criticism also applies to Reus, Kroos


Check that hashtag


Racial abused by some nazis?


Good. Fuck Germany


cool now he wont be injured all the time or tired from playing so hard for them and he will hopefully focus on us.


Great news for us. Germany can fuck off with their xenophobic hate that is mounting there.



Extra time, round of 16 at the world cup. When your country needs you, you’re on the ropes, what do you do?

Depends I guess:


Couldn’t have put it better myself. About Eriksen that is :iwobi:
Commiserations mate, but I couldn’t resist. :smile:


Jack’s gone give him the #10 now @arsenal


Surely this will happen



All is now right with the world, balance has been restored.



:giroud2: :giroud2: