Mesut Özil (10)


I’m with you Aussie :wink:


Sorry bud, I should have realised the sarcasm when you said English grit :joy:


Think he is 6th if you just include today’s game, but he is 1st if you also include the Mexico game.


Maybe he should have tried his luck himself and shot on goal more than once?

In any case I haven’t seen anyone blame Ozil for the loss, most just acknowledge his contribution in it considering his senior stature in the squad and talent.


Isn’t that we call this “one-trick pony”???
When shit happens… AS THE BEST #10 IN THE WORLD, I expect him to do more, shoot more and be more “creative”.

I can hardly call him the best #10 in the world, if things don’t go right then he just keep dishing out passes but then act like a bystander and not getting involved; and IF THIS IS ALREADY THE BEST HE CAN DO.

If he keeps playing this way, he is NOT the best #10 in the world, but just an ultimate passing machine, that’s it.

Look how he played in 2010, how he played in Real Madrid, how he played for Arsenal and how he play currently.


Didnt create enough last season. Big factor in us finishing 6th and his performances against Atletico why we never reached the final.


That and how sound our defence is




He was Germany’s best player when they got knocked out by France in the last Euros. Was literally the only player who turned up that day.

By all accounts, Germany were horrific throughout the whole tournament. You’ve got apparent world beaters like Kimmich, Boateng, Kroos, all the other Bayern contingent who should have turned up and yet it always seems to be Özil who is the bottling cunt.

Hope he retires this tournament and steps away from this utter bullshit


Said it already.

Please open some Kimmich thread, Boateng thread, Kroos thread, I and others will go in there and bash them.
Unfortunately, Ozil plays for us, that’s the major reason why we talk about him here; and that’s why it seems he is the only one got criticized. In fact, he is not the only one.

He got your approval, it is okay. I want more from him than just passing the ball out but not getting involved more, especially to take more one on one, dribbling into the box etc. as one of the seniors on the team, there is nothing wrong also.




God damn it I wrote a response to that but fucking underground WiFi fucked me


Just did, Sham.


Fair dos.


Nah it was more about Lacazette missing gimme chances in this 1st leg & us somehow conceding a goal as to why we didn’t make the final.


The rare sight of @ronniec criticising German players.
Wish cunninglinguist was here to display somehing similar.


At least he will be back by the end of july. That’s a good news for us.


Yeah right. As I said another pass for a no show then.


I’m not saying he played well, but we should have won that 1st leg 3-0 vs Atletico.


I was (still am) so mad because they were not defeated by the better team(s).
They were defeated by themselves actually. Self destruct.