Mesut Özil (10)


I’m happy you all are so very happy with the cups.


Well if like you said, we have no chance of winning the league again, what should we be happy with?

Should we just be depressed all the time?


You’re talking to people who were “so very happy with the cups” that they desperately wanted Wenger out, despite those three cups. So I think this post is kind of a nonsense response really


Maybe I should adjust my expectations even further indeed.


How long is Ozil’s contract until again ?


And yet they’re quiet often used as arguments in all kind of discussions. Seems some people are pretty content with it.

  1. I wonder if the criticism will be the same next season btw. He is going to do exactly the same as he did the past five years. But because Emery will set us up better defensively things are going to look different.


The FA Cup is a brilliant trophy to win. It’s not just some random cup. It’s the best one. So your damn right I’ll celebrate winning then


Ok so it was a 3 year extension, he will likely go and play in Turkey when he’s 32/33 then.


Why can’t we be happy about winning cups?

It’s possible to be happy about winning a trophy AND to know that we need to be better


NO its criminal to celebrate a FA cup. It means you are Wenger IN ! :henry2:


The English did an incredible job hyping up their national League and domestic cup :smile:. Fair play to that tbh.


Is it tho?

All the other top 6 leagues domestic cups aren’t a patch on the fa cup


It’s all the teams in a country competing to be the only one to lift a trophy. I’m not sure what makes the FA cup in any way better for that :confused:


Well the hype was obviously based on something substantial because here you are talking to me on an Arsenal forum haha


I blame Bergkamp (and van Persie) :wink:.


I like this more :smile:


So apparently Ozil created 7 chances from open play, more than anyone else in a single game this tournament. Yeah it’s Ozil’s fault alright :joy:


He’s got no passion, no desire, no English grit.

Who care’s about chances?


Well when you convert chances that’s what ultimately wins you games.