Mesut Özil (10)


Whereas Eriksen is a balding Seb Larsson.


The dutch league tho. Poverty league


No mate dont agree. Some are saying he had a good game but his team mates let him down. Slight difference imo.


Exactly. Ozil getting talked about on an Arsenal forum because hes an Arsenal player.


Noooo why u do this !? :gabriel:


I didn’t particularly notice people saying he had a good game but I may well not have paid close enough attention when going through the thread and miss it.

What I did notice was people saying that he created a couple of chances and other players made bad misses, so he should be a bit lower down on the list of players who deserve to be sagged off. Which seems fair.

All with the disclaimer that I didn’t watch the match so I’m not offering an opinion on today, my posts are more reflecting on how he is generally perceived.



Fight me


@LordBendtner time to take your man’s @Cristo home. :arteta:



@LordBendtner takes @Cristo crown of being OA’s number 1 Dane imo. :wink:


So Germany suffer a shock exit and Ozil gets all the blame ? What a surprise.


So? Trophies are not attributable to individuals. When he played for the Dutch domestic big dogs he won three trophies in a row. Now he is playing for a small club like Tottenham and he doesn’t win trophies because they are a lot lower on the food chain in the Premier League.

Same goes for Ozil. When he played for one of two of the big dogs in Spain he won La Liga. With Arsenal he won’t get close to a Premier League title.

And now you’re going to refer to the FA Cup. LOL.


I suppose referring to the FA cup is fair enough in this debate as it’s something attainable for both Arsenal & Tottenham to win, Ozil has won it 3 times.


A domestic cup is not a bench mark for anything. There are many random variables in domestic cups.


Variables like us defeating Liverpool, Tottenham, United, Man City & Chelsea over our 3 cup wins ? Whilst Eriksen’s Spurs always fall as soon as they face a top 5 team ?


Fixed :wink:


Well yeah. We played fucking Lincoln City in a quarter final. All this talk about our cups is straw grasping, because we have no chance and will not have any chance of winning the Premier League again. It’s sad really.


I agree with you 100% in regards to the Premier League, also I agree cups have variables, I just think we deserve a fair amount of credit for our 3 cup wins as we did beat all England’s top teams.


We had City and Chelsea after that


We managed to win the league at OT in 2002 on a Wednesday night, still managed to comfortably beat Chelsea 3 days later in the cup Final.