Mesut Özil (10)


Cristo & others committing the mortal sin of critiquing Oezil. :giroud3:


It isn’t a debate though, it’s people not knowing what the fuck they’re talking about.


For a fucking Tottenham player!! Banable offence!!!


I love Eriksen as a player. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:



Criticising the supposed best No. 10 in the world for not getting goals and assists for his teams in important games doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re talking about haha

Football hipsterism and intellectual superiority complexes at their worst lol


Well Cazorla was never really a part of a consistent 3 midfield unit, he was mostly partnered at the rear end of a 2-3-1 formation, wasn’t he? And then some, he is a completely different player to Ozil.

3 man midfield, you either have to make Ozil do as much defensive duties as the other 2 or you essentially make him a #10 again and make it a 2-1-3 or 2-3-1. Plus he doesn’t have the stamina to work in a 3 man midfield.


How many chances did he create in the game? Is it his fault Hummels missed multiple chances?

Criticising him all you like but if you’re criticising the fact he didn’t get a goal or assist today then it’s a inane argument because the latter attribute is not within his control and he did his part within the game, laid it on a plate in fact.

And again who said he can’t be criticised? Seems you’re missing the point here.


Because Santi unlike Ozil isn’t scared of actually putting a challenge in. You can’t play DLP and be scared of challenges


And what did the Spurs win?

And what trophys have Denmark won?

Congrats on the fine trolling though…


Eriksen = cunt

Özil = good guy



Dont get the Eriksen vs Ozil war going on here. Both are fantastic players with different skillsets.

Ozil wont dribble past 4 defenders and bang it in the top corner. But he will keep the flow of the offensive play and seach for the killer pass in the final third at all times. Cant wait to see what him and Auba can do under the new regime.


Ozil has carried us in certain matches over the years. It may not be noticable, but he really has. When he’s fit and playing well, nobody gets near him. He’s a level above everyone in our squad.

Harsh to scaoegoat him when he’s playing in disfunctional teams. Also this season he’s been playing with back issues which have followed on to the World Cup.

He’s in no way to blame for Germany, that’s 100% management fuck up, especially with leaving Sane out.


Ok, best #10 in the world, getting no goals and assists…
So he is getting a bunch of tackles and hold ups???

As the best #10 in the world, he should do more than just dishing out passes.
Goals and assists are one of many indicators, but they are the significate ones.

Remember Germany’s slogan in 2014??
“Argentina has Messi, Brazil has Neymar, Portugal has Ronaldo, and Germany has a TEAM”.
Okay, you win as a team, and LOSE AS A TEAM.
Hummels and Werner and Gomez are missing out chances, but it is a team effort to take the glory then it is also A TEAM to take the blame.
Ozil is one of them, and he should take the blame also, even he had some nice passes today, but overall his performance in this WC is still NOT GOOD ENOUGH,


My dad told me Ozil was fucking shit today (i didn’t watch the game, as i was at work). He looked afraid to take shots and even pass the ball.


You’ve proved everyone’s point by illustrating that it’s the team and everyone in it who deserves to be criticised, not just one player.

Nobody is saying Ozil shouldn’t receive any criticism, they’re saying he shouldn’t get more than his share, which he nearly always does.


This is pretty much Oezil’s default position on taking shots. :stuck_out_tongue:


Because there is no Hummels, Werner, and Gomez threads here so I can only shout out loud and criticize Ozil???

How do you determine he is receiving “more than it should be” criticism???

I don’t see anybody putting the “full blame” on him, and if there is, Jogi Low should take the full blame. But again, there is no Jogi Low thread here.


This is such a tiresome argument. If van Persie scores 30 goals in a season or Ozil provides 17 assists in a season what else can they do when the team is shit?


Ozil is just a shit Hleb


Eriksen has more domestic League titles to his name than Ozil. Lel.