Mesut Özil (10)


Well exactly. Care to explain why?


See hears what gets me. Some people give reasons why they dont think he should be criticised. Okay can live with that, but then start saying he was virtually brilliant just his team mates let him down.
This has been too much of a repeat argument since hes been an Arsenal player. Cant buy that all the time.


Tactical changes at top clubs are the main reason I think, top teams used to use 4-2-3-1 the most for quite a while.

James didn’t fit in at Real because he is primarily a #10 and they are much better balanced with 4-3-3, KDB had to adapt since him and Silva don’t play as #10s for City, Bayern didn’t mainly utlilise James as a #10 when he joined. Chelsea don’t play with a #10 and neither do Liverpool, United won’t be playing with one this upcoming season

So it’s more about balance and tactical flexibility than Özil not being coveted…


Agreed to an extent, and there are days where he is a culprit.

But I just don’t think today was one of those days, or the Mexico game for that matter.

Did you guys not see the Sweden game?


Yes and that was also a much better team performance by everyone.


I have to disagree there.

They were just as bad, just Sweden have them all the space and respect in the world to play their game, and they were lucky to score from a deflection and a stupid foul that produced a worldie of a goal out of nowhere.

They were pressed in the Mexico and South Korea games and look what happened.





Germany were on it for like the first 12 minutes which was to be expected after that they fell off.

It was all about Sweden weathering the initial storm and they did just that.


I don’t disagree. Ozil cannot adopt to any other role than a #10, so how is he not a luxury player in the modern game?


Eriksen is inconsistent and trophyless.


In my opinion he can adapt fine, I’d actually like to see him play some games for us in a 4-3-3 formation with him playing deeper as part of a three dictating and releasing Auba, a new LW and Mhki.

However, teams would have to give him a huge singing bonus in addition to big time wages, you can see why they would be hesitant especially given he’ll be turning 30.


I think Ozil can adapt too and play deeper a la DeBruyne and was calling for that all last season.

But I see Emery playing him on the right, so I guess we.woll see how he deals with the change.


Yeah but Mesut’s actually won it :kissing_heart:


Eriksen had something like the highest number of game winning goals after 80 minutes for Spurs season before last #clutch

And he’s singlehandedly gotten Denmark to the world cup and through the group stage.

Has Ozil ever scored in an FA Cup final? Has he even gotten an assist?

Attributing our FA Cup finals success to him is pure jokes :rofl:


Yeah but he wasn’t the reason he won it. He got 1 assist and 0 goals that whole tournament haha

The whole argument we’re having is that he isn’t a main man who wins games and tournaments for his team, you’re proving nothing to the contrary of that haha


He cannot catch-up to the defensive responsibilities a deep-lying midfielder must perform.


He did score no? I’m pretty sure he got a goal Vs Algeria I think


Why not? If Santi can do it Özil can.

In a three he wouldn’t be tasked with the lions share of defence anyway.


5 years later and Arsenal fans are still debating whether Ozil is that good or not.


If he really was that amazing, there wouldn’t be a debate.