Mesut Özil (10)


Okay fair point but it wont stop Xhaka ( rightly) and others getting singled out though.


Unfortunately, Xhaka has more shit games than others…
All just shit today, all.



2 assists today? Didn’t spot the first one.


Nice! Didn’t notice that but very glad to see it.

Been calling for that to happen for ages, hope we see it more often. You can see what De Bruyne and Silva give City, playif deeper than they usually do and every time Ozil has come deeper he has proven to be the only player able to kickstart smart, good attacking moves.


You and me both, Gennaro

My last thought tonight will be of that first class ball for the first goal :heart_eyes:



A bit cringe but fuck it, it’s Ozil


They missed a trick with the coat should of got aresne there



Doesn’t mention Wenger :eyes::heart_eyes:


That’s pretty Löw from him imo


“Sign a new contract and i am gonna be your next manager” :henry2:


“Is Mustafi in the group?” :joy::joy:




LOL! I love you Mesut! Put the cunts in their place :arteta:


Can check seen Mesut Özil live off my checklist :heart_eyes:

What a player. At times I just watched him.


One good thing Wenger has brought us in this decade (how do you call the decade of the 2010s? The teens?). Never in my wildest fever dreams did I imagine when I watched him at Real Madrid that he would play for my Arsenal.


Naughteens isn’t it?