Mesut Özil (10)


Image Jade supporting Spurs :gabriel:


if he dares to join the Spuds, put the “Spurs” in his “ARSEnal”.


And 1 goal in the end :wink:


Sign that contra wait…


On a day of shit this cunt out done everyone. Finished with this fraud and his doctored stats.


No need to single him out, City is too good today, we could never get into the game and settle at all.


sorry but it’s absolute horsehit to call out individuals today.




He’s just the guy who made the first error. Someone was gonna. 1-14 they were all fucking rubbish.


No fucking way and they were not that good first half. People always give the cunt a pass on shit games. He got an improved contract to deliver on games like today and fucking hid. He has the talent to turn this but just layed down and rolled over. Fucking phoney.


Who’s giving him a pass? He was shite. Anonymous. As were the rest.


Check the teammates around him… Who tried hard and who played good??
The team lost it today, not Mesut or any individual.


Not sure what you expect him to do with rarely seeing the ball and a midfield that was on snooze almost the entire game.

He didn’t have a good game but conversely lets not act like he was the catalyst for this performance, it was always coming.


Yeah Ozil was poor today but he’s comfortably been our best player against top 5 opposition this campaign.


He doesnt turn up enough though. We all single out the others but never him. Im questioning his attitude. And no not the fucking body language before that stero typing shit starts.
He was our main weapon to kick start a comeback today and he never got involved for me. Happens to many times guys.


He was dosghit completely invisible all game.

Needs to be playing deeper imo cos nobody is competent enough to carry the ball forward to him in decent positions anymore.

Yet another victim of CANCERBALL


I think he gets his fair share of blame but in truth he’s turned up this season even whilst running down his contract.

Poor game aside he’s performed this season.


How, many fucking mis-pass and interception that caused the turnover today by his teammates??
Without the ball, what kind of magic you expect Mesut to display??


Thats my point. City where as guilty of poor passing in the first half. So the opportunity was there for him to go looking for the ball. Your blaming others and excusing him.


Not only individuals, but overall as a team, City is superior than is and played better, tried harder.
They had some poor passing in first half also but their teammates picked up the slack of those mistakes.

Ozil was bad, so does the whole team. I’m not excusing him. It was the team effort and display lost the game, not because of Ozil.