Mesut Özil (10)


it’s not luck, there’s no such thing

it’s probability

when something has a finite chance of happening, it can happen. A load of stuff had to happen for Chelsea to win that game and it did. Low probability for sure but still within realms of possibility


The comparison was Yaya *Sanogolazos (I mean, remember Dortmund, c’mon?!) to Arsenal/the rest of the PL that season. ie shit to shit. :slight_smile: Seems rather apt to me.


It was more than a fluke. They happened to buy very smart that summer. Kante and Mahrez, clearly either wc or close to wc players that they hit big on. Mahrez was only like £500,000 and Kante costed 5m. Of course Vardy emerged as a great goal scorer as well. It just all came together at the right time.


Getting Ranieri was probably the biggest reason they were able to win the league.


True he was huge for them as well.


My missus is actually jealous of my love for Özil.


I’m not going to take this for granted.

No matter how bad it gets, we have 3 more years of Mesut magic to enjoy. He’s such a fucking majestic player.

The goal at 8.39 is my favourite. Who the fuck tries shit like that? And the simplicity of changing direction at 5.30? For some reason that tiny clip just mesmerises me.

I am in love, truly. The music in this video is perfect. Thank you for sharing this Arthur, you’ve made my whole fucking day mate.


The highest compliment I can pay him is that he is comparable to Bergkamp.
Between him and Sanchez, I’m glad we kept Ozil.
More of a team player and more likeable.


Oh yeah

Genuinely pleased that Sanchez left, but delighted we kept Ozil

Now we need a manager that knows how to get the maximum out of his skills


Ha you’re more than welcome dude. I’ve watched it twice since posting it last night :smile:


Agreed on the Özil awesomeness. Not so sure about the tune haha


It’s actually amazing we have come out of this all keeping Ozil and adding Mkhi and Auba… Kind of getting excited again to watch us play with some new impetus.

Wenger is still Wenger, though. Let’s see what he cooks up for tactics the coming months.




I really like those boots.

No homo.


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Probably Schweini and Poldi had shagged her during the World Cup


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Appreantly so.

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