Mesut Özil (10)


Not really a cup involves more luck. That and the fact your team only needs to peak from March-June


You could say that, although someone else could say that makes their victories all the more impressive.

@arsenescoatmaker: Luck plays its part sure but that’s football and sport in general, takes nothing away from the accomplishments of the respective sides that won.


I think it’s a combination of luck, strategy and determination.

You can’t get through 5 rounds against (usually) top opposition purely based on luck.


Or fluke the league a la Leicester :smiley:

Wait, does that mean we are now at Leicester’s level :thinking:


They certainly didn’t fluke the league.


The rest just bottled it :smiley:


They benefited from being out of all domestic cups early. A bit like Chelsea the next season.


Chelsea and Liverpool you could say fluked the CL in terms of they beat better teams you would never have expected them to, on paper.

Man united in 1999 I’d disagree is a a fluke. Bayern were a better team in the final, but they had both Scholes and Keane out for it and those 2 bossed Juventus in the semis among other teams.


You still need to play great football to get the fluke…
Also more and more star studded team in recent years, and the chance to fluke is slim.
That’s reality


Chelsea was complete fucking fluke man.

Messi & co dominating but missing chances and on top of it missing penalties.

Robben & co demolishing Chelsea, missed all the chances and then screwed the penalties.

I don’t know how that campaign can’t be pinned down to sheer luck.


Leicester did fluke the league because no one took them seriously in the first half of the season. If the same players came out with Man United or Arsenal kits teams would of given them a harder time.


Bullshit. You can’t fluke 38 games, that makes zero sense


That’s quite a simplistic view and downplays their accomplishment, if their title win was due to luck then they made their own.

They weren’t underestimated, they were simply consistent and incredibly difficult to beat for a myriad of reasons.


Ten minutes of Ozil awesomess + good tune


They didn’t fluke it, the league was just unbelievably shit. Which is kinda like fluking it. Leicester winning the league was a bit like Giroud fluking into being better than Sanogo. :grimacing:


Pretty weak troll attempt…


Yeah, you right, comparing Giroud to a PL title winner, even if it was Leicester, is a bit much. :confused:


But certainly, feel free to compare him to Yaya Sanogoals. That’s an apt comparison.:xhaka::yawn:


Leicester is out of many cups many times in the past decades and never won the league. I think the rest of England bottling it that season could be labelled a fluke as well.


I remember that cl season. Couldn’t believe my eyes how Chelsea were not conceding. Bayern hitting the woodwork left right and top. Bayern were completely all over them and so were Barca the game before. It was sheer luck in the end on Chelsea’s behalf.