Mesut Özil (10)


Old article. At the time, almost all Gooners sided with Wrighty on this one. Ozil was mouthing off about ex players mouthing off in spite of the fact we were in a “bad moment” as European managers say.

Right now, I’ll bet Ian Wright is over rhe moon with the news of the contract extension



I’m not posting the article I’m posting the tweet from yesterday that has just taken that headline from said article then taken his comment from Instagram yesterday at the bottom.

So yeah he’s a fucking idiot


I think you’re right, the 350k a week has a tendency to make people a little more loyal, especially when no better offers are coming up.

But considering Ozil was already on around 150k and we have sold Walcott and Giroud who’s wages would easily make up the difference, it seems a pretty good deal.

I’ve always said that one world class player is worth more than two or three good players.
So having just Ozil is better than having Giroud and Walcott.

Just like having a player like RVP was better than having several dross players like Sanogo, Bendtner, Gervinho and Park who’s combined wages were about 250k a week.

Also, losing Ozil would have meant we would have had no world class players, and trying to attract any more here would have been very difficult.


United just wanted to piss us off. Not really interested in him even because they already have Mata.


350k a week over the next 3.5 years amounts to £63.7m.

In order to replace him with a player of a similar calibre, for arguments sake let’s say it costs something like £40m - £50m. You then have to pay wages of £150k - £200k a week. Over 3.5 years, the cost of that is another £27.3m - £36.4m. In total, we’re looking at a range of approximately £67m - £86m.

Signing Ozil to a big deal is the simpler solution. You know he works in the team, he’s delivering right now and it actually costs less over the same time period. Plus, it’s damn hard to find a replacement. Who knows if they’ll adapt, if they’ll fit?

I don’t care about the finances of his extension in the slightest - be it 350k or 450k. But even if you were so inclined to care about the money side of it, it still works out a good deal for us.


Exactly what I was about to post, except better explained with all the rough calculations :+1:


Who’s couldn’t lace Özil’s boots :wink:


This should have never been the objective with replacing Sanchez and Ozil. For example in 2007 we never were going to replace Henry with a player of equal calibre, but by assembling a proper group of players Wenger still was able to build a title contender. But don’t get me wrong. I’m very happy he is still here.


Only thing I would add is that Oil will be pretty much worthless at the end of his contract because of his age

A younger player, say a 25 year old, might be worth a massive amount in 3 years time. Look at Coutinho. If you could find one of those then replacing Ozil would make huge sense.

But that is a huge if. They don’t exactly grow on trees


If he could win a title for us at that time and be a 2-time WC winner… what do you think??

Let the club and personnel to take care of that when his current contract is done.
As a fan, all I care if the quality of football, and want to have a team that is good enough to challenge.


The sight of him holding the Champions League trophy in our lovely Arsenal red and white… :heart_eyes:


the League is more realistic :slight_smile:


I know Jack should be our captain, but i think Mesut should have a say in it. He would become our immense leader.


Jack can be captain, if Ozil gets #10.


You can fluke the CL, see Liverpool, Chelsea and Porto


You can put Man U on that list as well.
They were lucky against Bayern Munich.


Sour grapes to say a team fluked the Champions League tbh.


Slightly although Bayern sat the whole game

There was that year Real Madrid weren’t qualifying for the CL unless they won it and they did. Not really a fluke but they weren’t consistently the best team.


Maybe saying average sides have won the CL more than the EPL is a better way of wording it then ? Liverpool 04/05 & Chelsea 11/12 both very average sides.