Mesut Özil (10)


Lmao I’ll believe it when Moley says it’s happening :joy::joy:


January was a positive step, but I think we will know a lot more in the summer transfer window.


That’s for sure, but i finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.


John Cross is full of shit. Always has been. I don’t know why anyone takes that guy seriously.


Or maybe he isn’t as negative as you and thinks that the club will continue to build and turn things around. :campbell:



Continue to build ? Haven’t we gone backwards each of the last 3 seasons ? Our best season league wise was his 1st year at club… anyways whatever reasons he has I’m glad he stayed.


Nope. We finished 2nd in 15/16 and 4th in Özil’s first season with us


79 points and only 7 off the winners, I consider that our best season.


Yep and we won the FA Cup that year too


I feel like by the time that Özil leaves us, in the eyes of many, he will go down as a legend of the club. He’ll have been here 8 years by the end of his new contract which in all honesty, I never envisaged when we first signed him. To be fair, he could very well leave before 2021 but point is…well I don’t know what my point is. I guess it’s that I fucking love Mesut.


Ah didn’t know you were counting it that way!

Fair enough thats actually true



I meant continue to build upon the recent changes at the club. Clearly, Gazidis/Sven and co. have helped usher in some change with the approach to the transfer market. Perhaps, Ozil knows that additional reinforcements will be happening in the summer as opposed to lip service? This January window was un-Wenger like to me.

Also, additional speculation might be that Ozil wants to be the “man” and have the team built around him rather than part of a bought squad like City/PSG/etc

Can’t discount the appeal of being a young millionaire living in London.

Lastly, while I’m in agreement with you regarding wanting to see a change in coaching, he’s stated numerous times his relationship with Wenger is a positive.

So, I’m still pretty estatic that Ozil pledged his future here and I’m hoping that the football reasons catch up to the off the pitch ones soon.


Surely, 2007/2008 with that Rosicky/Cesc/Hleb masterclass was better, and 2003/04 was the best in league history.

But regarding, the 350k, isn’t that a bit too much? I mean he’s an important player and all but clearly that wage shows that he isn’t really as loyal as most people make him out to be. Look at Harry Kane, who is arguably one of the most valuable strikers in football right now, and was earning 110k until recently and will be switching to 200k according to reports. (just saying).


Yeah 2007/2008 was better, but I was reffering to Ozil’s time at the club.


Wright is so clueless with his Özil hatred. Should just stop talking :zipper_mouth_face:


110k is truly underpaid for Kane.

350k is a bit overpaid but does fit Ozil’s resume, caliber and reputation.


Agree on both points. Such a contract also shows that Arsenal will spend for the right player. To me, the top players are worth such contracts. Where Arsenal has stumbled in the past is having squad type players on bigger wages than they should have been on. Looks like the club rectified some of that during the window. Summer should be interesting to see if that continues.


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