Mesut Özil (10)


To be fair there were members of this forum in the John Cross club who refused to believe Özil would sign a new contract.

I always had faith that he wouldn’t leave me :sunglasses:


Yeah I’m stunned as I couldn’t fathom how a player with his quality could be content with the trajectory this club is on, he must really love London life/ being the talisman.


Yeah but he’s meant to be a bloody journalist with contacts, you can’t equate that to a bunch of normal people on a forum who can be expected to know fuck all haha.

There’s no “to be fair” about your post :grin:


Yes there is. People were adamant. It wasn’t “I think he’ll leave”. It was “he is definitely leaving”

I’m putting them in room 101 with John Cross :sunglasses:


I think @Midfield_Maestro is exempt from the “people expect to know fuck all” category. He did well.


They were adamant based on nothing but what they considered to be common sense. You must have very low standards when it comes to journalism if you dont expect anything better from them than a bunch of nobodies on an internet forum lol


Maybe he knew something we didn’t. My impression of the trajectory of this club has certainly changed over the last month or two.

This time two months ago I was convinced our two best players were off with no replacement in sight. Now we have replaced Sanchez with an equal forward, brought in Micky who I really wanted and Ozil is staying and almost all of our dead wood has been cleared out.

This club feels like it’s at the start of going somewhere.


No, i just like positivity. Being told my favourite player is “definitely” leaving on a free is not positivity.

“Bunch of nobodies” :open_mouth: how very dare you.


It’s called having ambition. Who starts a job and in the middle of it walks away because things get difficult, harder than they thought they might be? Small minded individuals who shrink from a challenge, people with no ambition, that’s who. Özil is a world class player, talisman of the best international team in the world. He knows what it takes to be at the top of the mountain, he’s a winner.

You can see the winds have changed at the club, and it’s very clear to me Özil was made promises that the team and club are going to transform into a modern day football club. I applaud Mesut for showing true ambition and staying here to finish the job. Mesut is truly a club legend now because not only has he brought us trophies on the pitch, but he might have been the catalyst we needed in order to change the entire culture of this football club.


he will be the man to bridge between the Wenger and Low eras.

Future captain imo

Hero :ozil::ozil::ozil::ozil::ozil::ozil::ozil:


Yes. Just need to make this Özil era count! Build the fecking team around him this time!


That was in the secret part of the forum, you shouldn’t out his ITK status!

If you didn’t I definitely now have :sweat_smile:


No it was called being realistic. If you were so postive he was staying you wouldn’t have enjoyed the contract extension news as much as we did as it was a brilliant unexpected surprise


I want to like this post but I can’t because this part lol. Don’t want him managing us but maybe that was part of the Özil deal??


I wasn’t being that serious - you should know that by now. Plus, I learned long ago not to expect Arsenal fans to be optimistic.

Yeah, I was more in the “he’ll sign” camp but nobody can be 100% about that kind of thing and I was still bloody ecstatic to have it confirmed.


Makes too much sense in terms of the noises made by the club and Wenger for me, to not be happening.

It’s a guy I can see Wenger being happy with as his successor as well. Fits in with head coach model if thats where we’re going, attacking football, somebody Ozil would be happy committing to, etc…

Like it or not, ballsniffer is coming.

He wasn’t my first choice, but I’m getting with the programme early. It’s a change, and change is good.

Of course this may not happen at all and right now it’s just some ITK shite, but it adds up. Won’t be long till big Moley breaks this imo :wenger:


I was one of those who thought that both he and Sanchez would leave but I didn’t think we would have the transfer window we had.
Given the fact he hadn’t signed a new contract, we were out of the CL places, we are having the worst season with Wenger and Sanchez didn’t want to stay, leaving Ozil as our only top quality player, it was fair to assume he would too.

I’m fairly sure it was the signings of two top players that influenced his decision.
I’m glad I was wrong because he is our best player and without him we would be a very average team.




Yeah, this is the biggest deal to me. How we managed to attract Aubameyang in the state we’re in is anyone’s guess.

I’m guessing we sold him a bright future. Perhaps the same goes for Özil. But whatever their reasons thank God


:rofl: Don’t tell me you don’t see that maybe something is finally changing. You can already see Sven’s influence on our transfer strategy.