Mesut Özil (10)


Latest news: He will merry his fiancee Amine Gülsen after World Cup. The wedding night is planed in the Buckingham Palace.


Cleary stayed to live in London and marry her.


Özil hasn’t had this kind of quality runner with elite movement since Real.

He’s got to be licking his lips at this signing.


I’m not ready



Mesut fucking Özil has signed a contract extension.

Still sinking in :ozil:


So glad he stayed. Yes he could of maybe won more trophies elsewhere. But speaking in pure football, Mesut and Arsenal belong together. :heart:



not ‘of’



Where did you read that?


Have you not read the like 150 new posts in this thread?!


I mean, don’t get me wrong. You guys are awesome and all… but uh… anyplace somewhat official?


Sir Davie Ornstein good enough for you? :wink:




I’m fucking amazed and so happy at the same time!

No doubt these cunts timed it for today to cover up the actual football :joy:


I would have really missed Ozil and his PR department


If would harm the reputation of the BBC quite a lot if Ozil doesn’t has extended his contract when they have published an article with the title ‘Mesut Ozil: Arsenal midfielder signs new contract until 2021’.


OH OH OH! :cech: :giroud2:


Ozil signing an extension actually does feel like a trophy


“He’s like a new signing”. For once, it’s true! :rofl:


I’m really surprised he’s signed, but delighted.

I think perhaps he wanted to see he wouldn’t be the only player of his calibre at the club. He had a very difficult first season as the only world class player. Now that Sanchez has been replaced he’s signed, it seems like it was a factor to me.


Suddenly all the folks at Redcafe think he is overrated now.