Mesut Özil (10)


Nothing on yet :thinking:


Sorry @Calum, i meant to answer to @GreenLanesLoony. Madness has driven me crazy.


Orni>>>>our website, tbh.


Sanchez not? :thinking:


Auba getting done was a step in the right direction. To me, Arsenal’s biggest failings was not adding more talent during the summer of Cech that would have won the league during the Leicester season.

Ozil is getting top money. Now, let’s see the club get more talent around him and shore up the defense.


they are working on the Song deal



Thanks fuck! About time we sound like a proper club. No kick Le Baguette out.


Or has he been told Wenger is staying? He has a comfortable life under AW and probably enjoys the paternalistic, no repercussions life he gets under Wenger?

In any event, great news

Ya Gunners Ya!


so you are gonna finish yourself off to Xhaka getting an extension :gabriel:


If we had shown the same sort of ambition then, as we are in this window, we would have won the PL title.


I follow Mesuts career from far and as a fan since his youth. He never stayed longer than 3 years at a club. It’s the first time, that he exented his contract. I had always the feeling, he will stay in London for long time. It looks like Arsenal will be “his” club in retrospect, when he will retire one day. I’m really glad for him and I’m enjoying this day. Arsenal is a great club. To be a part of its history means a lot of honour for Mesut. Ok, comeback to reality. In Germany, we would say, “Mesut ist eine coole Sau”. Very, very intelligent move from him and his management.

For Arsenal fans must this be feeling like “The return of the King”.


We re-signed Özil :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

The absolute idiot (savant), god love him.




I guess adidas wanted him to move to adidas club Manchester. Now, I guess adidas will be the next Arsenal sponsor.:smile:


Despite what united fans will tell you, Barca, PSG and United were interested. 3 of the biggest clubs in the world.

But he stayed.


All this time that Raasclaart Henry guy was onto something with this line. Like he saw into the future to todays date

Kind of like the Hordor thing in GoT


United can go fuck themselves


Build him a statue outside the Emirates now :kos2:


Aubameyang will raise his assist numbers significantly. That signing definitely helped convince him. I’m sure of it.