Mesut Özil (10)


Sanchez is surely leaving, but a little part of me still hopes Oz is staying in the end.


If he demands a monster signing on fee and huge wage not many clubs will be able to afford him.

For example @SDGooner Liverpool would never be able to compete for Ozil’s next contract.


But that means we can’t either.
But if it’s the choice between being paid a lot of money and a massive signing on fee as well as a chance to play for a club that challenges for the top trophies, or us, I’m fairly sure what his decision will be.


Exactly if we can’t afford to keep him in cosmopolitan London, Liverpool can’t afford to tempt him to move to Liverpool. And Liverpool aren’t competing for anything either.

If he leaves it’ll be one of the Manc clubs, maybe Real or PSG


Ozil’ representatives are doing a better job than Sanchez’ protecting his image.


You horrible cynic you :smile:

I prefer to opine that Ozil is emotionally torn, part of him desperate to stay in north London and turn things around at a club he’s grown to love in his 4 seasons here #yagunnersya :eyes:


If you have a chance to leave hell, would you take a pay cut? Or not asking too much?

Yes, with Arsenal he may ask for 300k+, but if can get out and be happy, play with better (subjectively) players and for a better team, he may not ask for 300k, maybe 200-250 is enough to capture him.

If he goes as a FA, a lot of teams would want his service and able to make that “big” offer.


Top form at the moment.

Edit: Understatement. He’s been magical tonight. Best player on the park.


If we let him walk we’re a big joke


We will, and we are.


Mesut I hope you stay but if you have any sense you won’t


Shut up! Who are you to tell him what to do? Maybe he does love us so he is staying in the end.


It’s going to be difficult to watch us when he goes. On another planet.


Footballing pornography, the likes of which not seen in an Arsenal shirt since Bergkamp, that hard to define class that separates them from other mere mortals.


we failed to have him sign the extension was already a joke



What a fucking player. Watching him is just pure football. A la Cruyff and Bergkamp this man exhibits all the good things about the game. Just hope he gets the backing needed to convince him to stay, because we’ll be far worse off without him on our side.


Yeah, Sanchez can leave, but Ozil absolutely not.


Plays like a 90s throw back. Almost like he doesnt belong in this era.


It’s a shame seeing such a beautifully talented player wasting his prime years at Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal.