Mesut Özil (10)


He is really turning into our leader this season. Hope he stays.


Great suggestion. Give him the captain’s armband as part of his new contract :grin:

Do clubs ever announce big news on Christmas Day? Forget polar bear socks, that would be my favourite present ever!


Absolutely love that it looked like he just did a little dink/chip over the keeper but he actually did his trademark hit it into the floor to bounce it over the keeper. You couldn’t tell until watching a close up slowed down replay. He’s done that too many times for it not to be an intentional technique




Been unreal this first half. So unlucky not to have a goal + assist


Love watching this man at work


Offer him 500.000£ a week. You just can’t replace him.


Such a player, please stay ffs.


i feel that he is playing well now because he wants to stay it doesnt seem to be to show off for suitors. I could be wrong though, maybe he is playing with more freedom because deep down he knows sanchez is pissing off.


Alexis was putting in shop window performances last season, are we seeing the same from Mesut?

I’m desperately hoping he’s putting in “Give me 300k a week” performaces.



:ozil:There ain’t 'arf been some clever bastards
Lucky bleeders, lucky bleeders



Kinda curious how that play turned out. Bad first touch by Wilshere and the chance was gone?


Yes that’s exactly what happened.




It seems like Coutinho too Barcelona is really going to happen. That makes Manchester United the only other viable option, other than staying here, in my mind. Really curious what he is going to do.


There aren’t many clubs that wouldn’t sign him, especially if he was free.
I think he will wait until the end of the season. like Sanchez, and collect a massive signing on fee from the highest bidder.
I don’t think he or Sanchez will be here next season, and we won’t get any money from either of them.

We could have got around 80m, or more, for the pair if we had sold them in the last window, which seems to be a fairly hefty and costly decision by who ever is responsible.


He would command high salaries tho. His salary demands, his age and the fact that there are a lot of attacking midfielders and wingers out there, makes me think he wouldn’t have that many options. Although Ozil is Ozil.