Mesut Özil (10)


You’ve just stolen that from me :hipster:


Shhh…don’t tell this :wink:


It’s ok. Everyone steals my ideas. I’m hilarious and smart - it’s perfectly understandable :kos2:


And modest too.


I know. I really need to work on my confidence.



I’m beautiful too… Cartman missed that bit out.


There is a possibility clubs aren’t interested in him. City and Real are f.e. stacked in the position(s) he can play and Barcelona etc might be interested in younger players (Coutinho, Fekir and they are supposed to have a really good talent in Alena) and he will be 30 in october. But I can’t imagine Mourinho will not make a big effort to get him just to fuck with Wenger (and I read mkhitaryan might leave) and Ozil will go for it.


Brilliant stuff from him in that second half. :slight_smile:


Lovely second half performance.


Please stay Mesut. :cry:


He’s so good


Really turned it on in the second half and did a lot of tracking back. Looked like he cared the most out on the pitch with Wilshere and Lacazette.




Please sign da thing!


He unlocked his signature move again. I honestly thought he just dinked it but, look at it… Glorious.

You audacious, lovely man.



His stats don’t do justice to just how good he’s been the last couple of months, been absolutely brilliant.


Love him playing deeper in midfield atm. Much better than last season where was almost a 2nd striker.




Fucking love Ozil