Mesut Özil (10)


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Pretty much.


Lol. What is the secret to your success?


Being honest.


No big team really need him, tbh.


What team do you support fella?!


This means leave Arsenal.


I spoke from an athlete’s point of view.

Earning 300k per week is great… but as an athlete, a football fan in general, I want to see a Mesut Ozil that can excel and has his potential and abilities maximized.

To see someone that could finish and score from his world class passing is joyful, and it is sad to see the chances that he creates are wasted.


No Ronnie just no.

And also ffs I seen 18 new posts in here and thought he signed it today. :joy:


I think there would be a lot more than 18 if he signed. More like 18 hundred!


Probably but I still had hope :joy:


18 new posts in a thread on OA could quite literally be about anything lol


I don’t even think you’ll be able to get on this site when it happens. It will crash with all the activity! :smile:


I am waiting for this to happen, to be honest.
It will be the best Christmas present for Arsenal and the fans.


He will sign before January.


do you know something? sometimes you know stuff. is this one of those times?


No, just a guess :slight_smile:


I think he’s off man.

There are better options out there both financially and in terms of potential success, hope I’m wrong but when he sees his compatriots being serial CL winners like Kroos et al and winning domestic titles for fun it’s not a good look.

He stays he knows he won’t win shit of note period.


I’m not reading the rest of your post. Get out.


He is gonna score tomorrow and celebrate with a shirt like this “2ö23” :ozil2: