Mesut Özil (10)


Maybe. But will @Cristo take one for the team?



At least Man U will have a decent midfielder next season.
It’s nice that when you don’t have many good players, the ones you do have can help a rival team.
We are a very giving club, and we won’t even charge a fee for him.


Love it when he gets rewarded.



:sunglasses: get it done son, sign those papers.


How can you say, you are confident then say what that means i dont know. Does wenger not even know what is going on in his own head anymore?


:facepalm: we know every tine acts like that it’s more likely the answer is yes.


maybe it is because we are getting rid of sanchez haha. I reckon sanchez bullies him to pass to him etc and he is scared of him. Now he knows Sanchez is going he feels safe and secure :stuck_out_tongue:


Huh? If you are confident…that means you are confident.

What the fuck else could it mean?

Man comes out with so much horse shit.


That was what i was saying, it is like he doesnt even know what is going on in his own head anymore.


Lmao it seems pretty self explanatory. Wenger has a good feeling, is confident, but that doesnt necessarily mean Özil has made a decision nor does Arsene have a clue what he’s going to do.


I am sure every one knows what he is trying to say.


I don’t care about Sanchez leaving, but Ozil would be a bad loss. You just can’t replace him.


Being confident is knowing the outcome of something. That’s the whole frigging point.

If he has no clue of the outcome, how in the blue fuck can he say he is confident?

He’s made a positive statement and then completely backtracked / undermined it within 0.25 seconds.

Utterly pointless comments.


It’s the same thing as I am confident going into the game but that doesn’t mean I will win the game.

Just because one is confident doesn’t mean what he is confident about will come true.


The one thing we can offer Ozil that other top clubs can’t, is that we can guarantee he will be the only world class player in the team, and we won’t buy any more.


Lol wut? I’ve gone into job interviews and crushed it, in my mind and was confident af I’d get the job. You don’t know the outcome though, and plenty of times I didn’t get the job. Just another stick to beat Wenger with, the guy can’t even answer a damn question without getting ridicule from each and every direction smh.


Dictionary definition of confidence:

“full of conviction, confident of success, confident that conditions will improve”

Saying you are confident equates to saying you have belief in a certain outcome i.e. the probability of it happening is high. That belief will be based upon your own ability and/or weighing up the various factors that will impact the outcome and concluding that there will be a positive result.

When you subsequently undermine that positive statement with “what that means I don’t know” then completely goes against the prior statement. You are either confident, or you are not.

The point is Wenger has tried to give the impression of optimism but then instantaneously caveated it and made his statement meaningless by basically saying “fuck knows what will happen m8”.

You being confident in an interview is great, thinking you will “crush it” is a hugely positive statement. You haven’t subsequently undermined your entire confident state of mind with some other mealy mouthed crap about “hmm yeah but who knows what might happen”.

Either be confident and stick to that, or say you don’t know what is going to happen. Simple.


Your logic is not wrong but nobody would say it this way.