Mesut Özil (10)


No I’m compairing what DB10 is outraged that we pay Theo to what he would happily pay Sanchez and ozil


How am I a joker?
What’s that supposed to mean?
Walcott is on around 30k a week less than Ozil, where does 300k come from?


To be honest I did think you were referring to the contact we were now offering ozil not what he is on now but my point still stands. Theo deserves the wages he is on and ozil happily signed his 130k a week contract, what Theo justifiably earns has nothing to do with anybody else’s contract


Walcott can justifie nothing. Fucking waster loving the easy life under Wenger.


Easy life scoring loads of goals for arsenal


Top argument that, Calum :wink:


With all the updates here I thought he signed a new contract.


Can’t just ignore 19 goals from 37 appearances lol that’s just ignorance. Don’t get me wrong he is a waste of space but he made the most of his limitations last year and returned on the wage.

As for Özil, it’s hard to imagine he stays with the chance to go to Barca or United.





HIS EYES ARE OFFSIDE… :heart_eyes: Brilliant strike.


Mesut, you beautiful, beautiful man


Yes Luca!! Legend for getting it up so quickly :ozil:


Fuck off


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Dang Luca, you gay now?


Ffs I’m gonna miss this guy so much


Classiest and most gracious player since Bergkamp


Do you think he’ll sign a new contract in exchange for sexual favours?


He’s not Benzema


It’s worth a shot. Go for it!!