Mesut Özil (10)


Pretty much.


If we had bought an established PL striker a couple of seasons ago rather than just a GK, and Cazorla had been fit, I think we would have had a very good attacking line up, and it could have been one of the best in the PL.

But even with Ozil and Sanchez last season we didn’t get a top four place and it looks close this season.
They are two brilliant players but without similar quality around them, they can’t do what they do best.
This is why they are leaving, and why Wenger is responsible for them wanting to go to more ambitious clubs.




Theo Walcott scoresed 19 goals in 37 matches last season

Alexis scored 30 in 51 matches

So that’s 11 less goals in 14 less matches

Theo absolutely justifys his wage


I know, it’s weird.
You would think Wenger would notice that Walcott is the superior player and leave Sanchez on the bench.
Perhaps Wenger isn’t the genius that everyone thinks he is.
But it’s also surprising that Guardiola wants Sanchez rather than Walcott.
It could be that Walcott is so much better than the players he has at Man City that he doesn’t want to upset them.


What about my post made you think I was saying Theo was he better player?


Close to 300k… a deal that makes sense finally… but is it a bit too late?

Why couldn’t we throw this deal out in the summer, before shits happened and had a higher chance to sign him; but using this deal as the fucking last resort while him and Sanchez are already upset and wanted to leave???

Imagine throwing Ozil and Sanchez a 300k deal, then we signed Laca and Kola, retain Mustafi and Jack… it wasn’t that bad…
It really wasn’t that bad if we could lock up our 2 superstars early.

Cheap ass is always cheap ass.
Cheap ass is destined to fail.


Even if we keep Ozil, we still have the same bunch of mediocrity surrounding him and not to mention the same inept manager managing them.


Comparing Walcott to Alexis, lol. Stats don’t always tell the full story.

Sanchez’ strengths considerably outweigh Theo’s. What is Theo actually good at other than finishing? He can’t cross, he struggles with simple passes and he hasn’t yet learned the offside rule. Sanchez has the finishing attribute too. But he can also do a lot more – he supplies many key passes, through balls etc, can shoot from a distance, creates a lot more than Theo, can change a game in an instant, dribbles through defences. I could go on.

You can argue that Walcott deserves his salary, fine, but he doesn’t deserve to be on only £30,000 less than a far superior player.

I just hope making Özil our highest paid player by a long way – which he deserves – will convince him to sign the contract. If not, build him a statue, give him the naming rights to the Emirates, give him the bloody Emirates, I don’t care, just keep him!


That would mean Wenger would have to actually do something proactive and be decisive.
He is a ditherer who lacks the decision making of the top managers.
He would rather leave gaping holes in the team and persist with mediocrity than spend money on the best players.

The trouble is, when Wenger realises that world class players aren’t that thrilled about playing with players several levels below them, or being paid similar wages, those world class players want to go somewhere else.


I was responding to the genius aboves point hat Theo shouldn’t be on 100k a week

He’s goal record in comparison to the guy said genius wants to pay 300k a week isn’t to shabby, That’s a valid comparison isn’t it?


Not at all, but they were forced to play among average players. Even Messi would struggle in this Arsenal team.


Thank you referring to me as a genius.
But it doesn’t take a genius to know that paying a player like Walcott, who is no more than a bench player, marginally less than Ozil, who a genuine world class player and world cup winner, is wrong.

I don’t care what Walcott’s stats are.
The fact is Wenger doesn’t rate him, the supporters don’t rate him and he isn’t on the wish list of any other PL club because of his ridiculous wages means that his wages shouldn’t be comparable to such an uninspiring player as Walcott.


Your a fucking joker how is 100k marginally less than 300k?


Özil doesn’t earn £300,000, though. He will next year if he accepts the offer. But he has spent the last few years being paid slightly more than a player who is nowhere close to his level.


again he scored 11 less goals than Alexis in 14 less games, If Alexis is worth 300k as you lot say then Theo is worth 100k


Because those are the respective contracts the players signed. We’ve been trying to sign him up on better terms for over a year now so I’m not sure it’s something the club needs to justify as it’s something they’ve looked to remedy for quite a while now.


Also I’d suggest ozil would have probably got a pretty fat signing on fee and will have his apperance/goal/assist/unused sub etc bonuses set up in a way that actually makes his contract a lot more than 130k a week


Theo definitely justified his wage last season.

It’s amazing that all of Arsenal fans’ rage goes to Theo and people like Welbeck get a free pass. All because, “if he could just finish…”


As I just said, Sanchez and Özil are not earning £300,000. They’ve been paid a bit more than Walcott since they got here. You’re comparing what Theo is on now to what Sanchez and Özil might be on if they sign new deals.

I’m not saying Theo doesn’t deserve £100,000 a week (though he won’t get that anywhere else), just that Özil and Sanchez are more than £30,000 better than him. I get that we have tried to get them to sign a new deal, but not all contracts have to be an extension. We could have offered them an improved contract.