Mesut Özil (10)


I hope he stays but why would he?
What can we offer him that any other top European club could?

What world class player is satisfied playing for a club who’s only ambition is to make a profit and that treats fourth place as some sort of achievement?

Also when Sanchez leaves he will be playing alongside the likes of Ramsey, Wilshere, Iwobi etc.
That’s not going to tempt any top quality player, let alone Ozil, who has already played with them and will know exactly what their limitations are.

What’s worse, we could see him going to Man U and shining in a team with similar quality players, and possibly winning trophies as well, without getting a penny for him, and we certainly won’t be replacing him.


Just hoping he isn’t in ‘shop window mode’


True but i want him to stay if only for selfish reasons. I wrote that with the idea in mind that players like Sanchez are a lot easier to find. Someone with the vision of Mesut doesn’t come along quite as often.


He’ll be in the shop window after Sanchez leaves.

Sanchez is already in the shop window, with a sign saying: “No Longer For Sale. Buyer To Collect In January Sales.”


I’m a bit unsure what it is he done to warrant praise today? He was possibly a little less bad than the rest but still fucking poor overall.


He rarely gave away the ball and was positive most times he got it, he just had no one on the same wave length as him to make it beneficial for the side overall though.


I just felt like he was the one most likely to make something happen. But it’s hard to do that when no one bothers to make a run for him.


Took damn near half a season but Özil’s hunger index is over 9000.


Incredible when no one run behind him to receive the ball and left him alone with five players around. We wasted his talent since the day one.


Lol u guys are funny, in the Özil thread it’s, nobody makes runs. In the Laca thread it’s, nobody gives him service lololololol.


Lacazette was off…


Sanchez loses the ball before it gets to Laca lol, but in all seriousness Laca needs to find a way to get more shots on goal but I think he just is what he is.


He clearly is in ‘shop window mode’. Let’s not forget he doesn’t play this well most of the time. He’s putting in a big effort to maximise his next contract. If he signs a pre-contract in January, expect his level to drop.


Sign it Mesut


Last attempt? We should be making attempts every day!


Sounds like a great deal


Ozil > Sanchez


When you are a world class player you should be paid world class players wages.
At last the club has seen sense and has offered him what he deserves.
I’d just like to know how the club could justify him only being on around 30k a week more than Walcott, who can barely make it onto the bench.


Offer him Sanchez’s dogs as well!


Has the Ozil - Alexis relationship lived up to anybody’s expectations?