Mesut Özil (10)


Sorry, I don’t believe this shit story.
He wants the number 10, makes sense, but this would not be reason he refused to sign the extension.


He was joe king


Mesut Oezil doesn’t do subtlety. :smirk:


Just give him the No.10. Give him what he wants. Give him ALL the numbers.


Can picture Jack screaming “NO SURRENDER” in the mirror


Fuck this ‘I want this number’ shit, it’s playschool behaviour. Just play your game, play your position for fuck sake.


you can see it now ‘i had to leave arsenal because i feel they were disrespecting me with my shirt number’ its just a convenient excuse for being a dick.


Ozil wants the number 70 shirt?


Fonts Germans use is so typical of them.


Looks awesome!


Pls no



Great performance.


FINALLY! WHAT A PERFORMANCE! Amazing. He really destroyed Spurs today.




@cristo Still better than Eriksen.


If he does leave those that criticise him will miss him when he’s gone, deservedly the MOTM and oozed class in every action he was involved in.

Plus he was dropping back to help the defence and pressing off the ball, big boy performance today and yes Sanchez is likely off but I hope to God Özil ends up signing da ting.


Yeah the scapegoat for why we can’t win big games was fantastic today, will miss him when he’s gone.




He was fucking awesome today. Looked one step ahead of everyone whenever he received the ball.


His brain works on another level