Mesut Özil (10)


We were playing 5 at the back that day. I think it went on to be Merson’s and Wright took number 8 because Smith had the number 9. I remember wondering if Wrighty would start.


Maybe Gallas was a fan


In my early days it was:

  1. G Kelsey
  2. RB Charlton
  3. LB Wills
  4. RH Petts
  5. CH Dodgin
  6. LH Ward
  7. RW Clapton
  8. IR Groves
  9. CF Herd
  10. IL Bloomfield
  11. LW Haverty

Bit of a motley crew, and pretty naff, but we loved 'em.


So funny… no disrespect to Ray, but what was he smoking???

Not good enough? Serious??


He deserves disrespect, the man is a prize fool


I feel sad for (all) the old man…

Either they said something really stupid, or they see something from a really really different angle than most of the people do, intentionally or not to catch attention and lime light.


No Ray Wilkins is incredibly biast towards anything English over foreign players and managers lol.

Don’t feel sorry for him



Now I don’t feel sorry… I feel pity :ozil2:


What’s wrong with that? :bellerin:


Xenophobic english cunt.



I often wonder if LFI is the Italian version of Ken M. It’s a good thing he’s so lovable.


Stop calling people cunts for no reason.


@Persona knows i am joking…or not? :bellerin: :henry2:


I knew. That’s why I liked it. I was messing about too. :ok_hand:


I like to believe that LFI was unaware that he made a joke until it was pointed out to him.

We’ll never know now :cry:


Wilshere>Ozil tbf


Hi Ray didn’t know you posted on OA!


Ozil assisted on the first goal against France, and started the attack on the 2nd one.
Very active, solid game today, I would give him a 8 at least.


He wants the 10 tho.