Mesut Özil (10)


i actually feel between ozil and sanchez they are holding us back, they only look for each other on the pitch and lose the ball too much and seem to think they are above the other team members they are miles too selfish and get away with far too much. If xhaka loses a ball or ramsey there are all gasps and groans but ozil or sanchez does it sometimes groans for ozil but sanchez gets nothing it shows how much this guy can generally fuck up but people dont mind. You probably will find when these 2 go we actually be a better team and player with more freedom they restrict us too much.


Didn’t do much on offense but his defensive work rate was actually pretty good today. Made some nice tackles.


Surprise, surprise, the two out of contract players aren’t giving 100%. I’m sure no one saw that coming.


That hunger index, eh?


TBH I thought they’d be playing better given they’re asking for 300-400k a week. I mean is anyone going to give them what they want at this rate?


I’m flabbergasted tbh. Thought they’d go all out to impress Pep.


They don’t need 300-400k at other clubs. If they move, they probably will move to a better place that have a better chance to win something bigger than the FA cup.
They want 300-400k here because we are not going to win the league and the CL, probably not Europa also.
Money compensates.


Özil actually played alright, I don’t know where people are getting he played crap from.

He defended very well, passed very well, kept the ball very very well, pressed very well; even got angry when shit wasn’t going our way and when mates made mistakes.

The only person that played sort crap was Sánchez


Alexis and Ozil will be on their last big contract deals this summer and will be going to the highest bidder, which will probably be City and United…if they actually want them after this season.


Any club in the PL would have them.
It’s a shame we aren’t one of them.

The way their situation has been handled is beyond a joke.

If you have top quality players, and you have the money, you surround them with similar quality players.

The only reason Wenger bought them because they were relatively cheap, and for him to think they would sign new contracts in a side where there isn’t a single other world class player, just shows Wenger’s arrogance and stubborness.


Maybe play like one aswell?


Germany are playing this week so he probably wil


When he wears our shirt he is dressed like a cunt, instead.


You can’t disagree with that . Very disappointed in Ozil .


Stupid Moustache


Wants #10


He wants the number 10 shirt.
Oh, and 300k a week.
Who makes this stuff up?



Jack was loaned out all year last season, so why Wenger refused to give the #10 to him?
Because Wenger promised Jack the #10 also???


Perhaps Wenger knows that the player who has the number 10 shirt will be here next season, and the player that wants it won’t.

Anyway, who cares?
It’s not like either of them are going to be remembered more than the greatest player ever to pull on that shirt.