Mesut Özil (10)


Yet none have been converted even with Alexis and Laca on the pitch

Edit - until the 74th min!


And an assist!


I wish he could always play like this.


If we have players that can convert most of his chances. Barcelona, Man City, Real Madrid will all come knocking…




His best game for us in absolute ages torn Everton to shreds :ozil:


Haters can pipe the fuck down for a week… ö :heart_eyes:



Dont even know how Ozil divides opinion. Stats are always in his favour




lol man, your dedication to Theo is something else.


To us fans he can’t go anywhere, except abroad. If he chooses Chelsea, United, Liverpool, City or god forbid Spurs, he won’t be able to do right unless he chooses Huddersfield and even then.

At the end of the day Wenger and Arsenal messed up and Ozil did too since he is partially to blame for the current situation alongside Sanchez.


People will say it was a shocking Everton performance and that they didn’t turn up.

I say this was a classic Ozil performance, and Everton were simply unlucky to be the ones in his way.


I think Everton are in a mess but Ozil is a class player and took full advantage of their weaknesses.
It’s a shame he will probably leave because he, as well as Sanchez, are very difficult to replace.


If people here are to be believed we are in a huge mess too.

A manager that cant coach more than one tactic, picks bad lineups, makes poor subs and has no idea who to buy or sell during transfer windows.

With a spineless bunch of players that are made of glass, arent suited for the league, or can’t stand being here and just want to leave.


Think you’re overestimating here.


His body language is shit though and he doesn’t run around the pitch like a headless chicken with English grit.


Everton are 3rd from the bottom. Typical that Ozil has a “classic” performance against a team in disarray.

Where was his classic performance in all the other games we drew or lost?


The way I see it with Ozil (and Sanchez) is that if they can get us a good set of results, even until January, that’s something. That means Champions League football next season and the chance to attract quality replacements.


Nah we need to keep them until the end of the season now, the price we get in January won’t be worth derailing any chance of Champions League qualification we have.