Mesut Özil (10)


I don’t believe this story but this is exactly why I said we should have sold them when we had the chance.
Both Ozil and Sanchez know they are leaving and neither is going to care about a club that shows no ambition, so it is inevitable that this could happen.

Wenger and the club are renowned penny pinchers and scrimp and haggle over every transfer which means we lose out on top players, yet their constant dithering and ineptitude in the market has cost us a fortune.

The way we conduct our transfer and contract business is laughable.
It is a complete shambles.


Could have been leaked by the club so that when he signs for Inter we all breathe a sigh of relief and ignore that we’ve failed to hold onto our top players again.


He’s obviously off to the highest bidder. Real and Barce don’t need him and Inter can’t afford him so that means 1 of the Manc clubs. We should bring back Gabriel to injure him in training before he leaves.


It could be that Ozil goes to Man U to strengthen them and Sanchez goes to Man City to strengthen them.

Which means we lose our two best players for nothing and are weakened considerably.

Nice work Wenger, keep it up.


The highest payed player at Internazionale is Icardi with 4,5 million and the highest payed player in the League is Higuain with 7,5 million euros according to Gazetta dello Sport. Chances of Ozil going to Italy seem very slim.


Fair enough- didn’t explain my point to OA standards. I said ‘Inter’, but the inference was basically ‘anywhere but one of our rivals’.

Fuck. I just had a horrible moment of realisation when I genuinely hesitated in typing the word ‘rivals’ to mean Utd, City and Chavs.


Why? It would be a bad piece of PR in any case.
You can’t show one of your best players want to leave.


But that’s how PR works- it’s not as cut and dry as that. Let’s say you have 3 scenarios- good, bad and nightmare. Fans want the good one, but if that’s unrealistic you leak the nightmare scenario so when the bad one happens fans thanks their lucky stars and say “things could have been worse.”

As to your second point, this is just how leaks work. Arsenal will never actually have to say that the best players want to leave. They leak a little sniff of information to the right journalist (maybe indirectly) knowing they’ll create a suitable (bull)shit-storm, which the club can then brilliantly avoid to appease the fans.

I’m not saying that’s what’s happening here but it’s worth considering.


Ya Geordies Ya :smile:


The end is the best bit.
Very funny.


Yeah I just like the Newcastle part. Particularly the image of Özil in Sinners. I’ve been to that bar. It is an absolute dive. The floor is more sticky than Jordan’s bedroom! And from the outside it looks like some sort of sex club… that’s why I went in :laughing:


He’s really good at PR


Fuck sake. What actually IS going on? Fuck 'em all.


This is whats going on:

Media run a positive story on Arsenal = bull shit, good PR team Arsenal/Ozil/Sanchez is pissed

Media run negative story on Arsenal = emargers argghhhh outrage FUCK WENGER WENGER OUT ERMAGERRDDDDDD my whole life is ruined, shambles, banter fc lulzzzzzz

Pretty standard stuff tbh


perhaps you are really good at putting a negative spin on something that just seems… good?


It’s the Sun, tbh.


STAY. :ozil:


So happy for him!


Giroud would be jealous of that header.


Man’s on fire today