Mesut Özil (10)


Arsenal have produced good results without Ozil and his introduction at Watford was the signal for them to blow a lead and lose at Vicarage Road.

World class scapegoating :joy:

Oh no, he’s brought Ozil on, we’re doomed, let’s shit the bed.




Wait some dude is now saying we are not in the title race because of bad referee decisions. :rofl:

Is Wenger paying this lad to troll. #ItsTheRefNotWenga


Swap him with Perisic :wenger:


Looking at how this season for Internazionale progresses it wouldn’t be such a bad shout for him. If Spalletti maintains this they are looking to be serious contenders for the Serie A, at least next season. If anything he could be their missing link. They used to pay very high wages too, but I reckon they are a bit smarter with their money.


“Ozil is a warrior who wants to win something, and currently he makes the impression that he’s annoyed Arsenal have not assembled a squad which can win something,” he said.

“They only spent money on Alexandre Lacazette. That’s not enough to compete for the top spots.”

Try being a fan Mesut. We don’t get paid thousands to be angry and we can’t fuck off at the end of the season!


Sell him, then. He just doesn’t want to be here anymore.


Sell him in January and replace him with a better and more motivated player, even Mahrez.


Sell in January LOOOOOOOOL


Goes back to the question why havent we built a squad around Ozil and Sanchez. Instead we have just relied on them too heavily and not progressed at all.


We tried. But the acquired players (Cech, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Lacazette) are just not good enough.Or aren’t managed good enough. I think both are true probably.


So sick of this club. Incoherence and incompetence on and off the pitch. Impossible to give a fuck about anything but a future post-Wenger.


Having a transfer window where your only acquisition is a goalkeeper is not trying.


Wenger probably adds one, max two, starting player a summer. Probably not too disturb the groups growing process/improvement from within. Or he said something a long those lines.


It will be interesting to see what after this season in the transfer window.
Because Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla, and several others are going to need replacing and they are not all going to come from the youth team.


Kos another year older (Holding/Chambers are not good enough), Monreal another year older (Kola can replace him but then we need another backup).
Cech, Per, Giroud another year older and slower.

Even if we can really replace Sanchez, Ozil and Santi, we still have a bunch of players that needs to be replaced/upgraded to stay competitive.


We have an old first team and there doesn’t seem to be many younger players coming through to replace them.

All the players you said, as well as others, need replacing just to keep us at the level we are, which is outside the top four.

I can’t see Ozil staying, because he won’t want to stick around at his peak watching Wenger dismantle the team any more.
Like Sanchez, Ozil can see the mess this club is in, and wants out.


So true. Wenger has asked them to lead us to glory, but they can’t carry an average team to glory by themselves.


Now a jockey comment on Ozil’s situation???


He’s an arsenal fan can he not give his opinion? Lol