Mesut Özil (10)


Some will definitely waive it off as unimportant but it’s true.

I’ve always found the way he contests aerial duels quite funny tbh.


‘Contest’ is flattering. I have never seen him jump during an aerial duels. I would donate 10$ to OA if someone could find me a clip of Ozil jumping to win the ball in middle of the field.

I have to donate anyway :sweat_smile:
Lost PayPal password.


So he can finish! :wink:


One of them was the game where they won the title aswell if I remember correctly, so he even scored important goals too :laughing:


And so the tapping up begins :henry2:


Good present for him yesterday :hipster:


Sorry man, Iwobi is just shit…
Ozil may be shit in front of goal, but Iwobi, at least 3 levels below


Can I just ask if everyone is overreacting a bit to Wengers substitutions? As soon as Özil came on we had the Iwobi missed chance and then Özil one on one with the keeper. Is it Wengers fault that the sub he brought in created a bunch of chances that nobody took? Then a soft pen? Not really Wengers fault at all tbh.


Everything is Wenger’s fault


Without shit refs this year we are on 19 points rt now and right in the title hunt, that’s just the truth.


Yeah, they do say it evens out over the course of a season, but so far we’ve definitely been on the wrong end of many 50/50 decisions. I’m not using that as an excuse, our football has been below par - but that certainly doesn’t help.


Yeah it’s true. Fuck Wenger for being so amazing he attracted a bunch of glory hunting fans like you early on. Now I’ve got to put up with your asinine ramblings on OA.


In my 10+ years of watching Arsenal it never evens out. We are usually getting fucked more often than doing the fucking.


I feel like there’s a tiny chance that you might be biased.


The one year where trion made the luck/inluck thread we were more often getting fucked.


You make a compelling case.


Well of course im biased but there’s really no proof either way is there? Let’s start up another thread and see how it plays out. We’re already behind by about 5 ref decisions. Lots of non given pens and some bullshit calls against us. Can’t recall a time this year we’ve benefited from shit refs.


That was a fun thread. Please start one as I keep forgetting. I completely forgot about race to worldclass thread.


That sentence is what Wenger thinks every season.
He actually believes all those excuses he comes out with.

If you’re having to rely on refereeing decisions, then you simply aren’t good enough.

There are a lot of reasons we aren’t challenging for the title, and ref’s decisions is right down there at the bottom of the long list.

I have a feeling that Sanchez and Ozil aren’t leaving because of bad decisions, but just bad management.