Mesut Özil (10)


Watch Iwobi’s chance again, it was perfectly placed from a very difficult angle. Ozil had the better chance


Yeah I look forward to our title challenge next year when Ozil is gone, and watching United languishing in 6th place with him in the team.


That was more a great save by Gomes, tbh.







and Ozil could of won us the game but he’s a complete choker of a player and has been throughout his career here.


Where Mustafi got the blame a couple of games a go (can’t remember which one) now it’s Mesut. Should he have made the chance? Yes. However. We shouldn’t have played such a lethargic 2nd half in the first place. Our problems are so much bigger than Ozil, or any other individual, fucking a chance up. But I’ve said that before.




I saw that, when the ball hit his feet and he was being held; it looked like giroud was going to the ball but he did not move at all.

The zoom is to focus on him which is odd because it doesn’t show the whole picture.


Let’s be honest the team was disjointed and we didn’t take our chances; Gironde coming made it worse he could not hold the ball for one sec, we needed a proper forward passer and dribbler in midfield, but couldn’t put jack on because of Koch had to come off.


Thats a ridiculous over the top statement.


What’s cowardly about this?


First reply… :joy:


If I’m not mistaken hes being held? Why is that shameful?


I love him however, with the situation both he and Arsenal have made, every bad decision he makes (along with Alexis) will be scrutinised thoroughly more so than the norm, rightly or wrongly.


To be fair that was almost a great touch considering he wasn’t even looking at the ball haha, seriously tho that was feeble he was more concerned about getting clattered than he was controlling the ball.


It’s shameful that he was held. And it’s shameful that he actually had a chance that no one else cared to create. How dare he.


It is shameful that each time the ball is in the air, he is more concerned about who is behind him, rather than trying to win the ball.

He was held after the ball went away from him. I doubt anyone who has watched the game for a long time won’t know what was wrong with that approach. This is just blind Ozil defending now

If I was bothered, I would be able to compile 100such instances where he simply ducks behind the opposition player jumping & winning the ball. There are goals conceded due to this very nature of his.

He is a brilliant player but really quite a coward when it comes to physical side of the game.


In the second half it looked like the team didn’t want to be there tbh. Like I said it’s not really a surprise considering it was fresh off the international break and all our players travel and play a lot in that time period. The rest of the top teams in the league suffered as well. The penalty was the real turning point in the game it fucked us royally. Mesut isn’t to blame, I just think there’s a fuck ton of over analyzing at this point.