Mesut Özil (10)


Oh fuck off the lot of you. As if Özil is the reason we lost this game!

Always the scapegoat.


I mean, I’m the biggest Ozil defender but he literally is the reason we lost the game.


Because he missed one of the only chances we had? What were the other 11 doing before he came on?

If anything the referee giving a penalty that wasn’t a penalty is the reason we lost.


The literal reason we lost is because we conceded two goals and scored only one. Not because some dude missed a shot.

It was a fucking atrocious miss though.


You need to demand more from our once record signing and one of our world class players.

It was an ideal opportunity for him because he doesn’t have to rely on other variables such as other players finishing ability. Had a chance to directly affect the match but failed to do so.

Things like that is why Ozil is often targeted (fairly or unfairly) by the press and some sections of the support. It why alot of people think Alexis will be the bigger loss


Thought Iwobi miss was worse off the Ozil pass myself.



It was a dreadful miss that a player allegedly of that level should bury. Someone said in here - Eriksen would’ve scored it.


Shocking miss by Ozil but let’s be real here, the only time we played well in the game was from the 35th-45th, the other 80 mins was just lacklustre slow buildup sideways tripe.


So why aren’t you blaming Lacazette then? Instead of a substitute. I mean he is our current record signing. Why isn’t he being blamed? Özil was on the bench for most of this match. The tactics, the lack of chances are not his fault.


You can find video evidence of pretty much any player missing a chance that people think he should have scored. Eriksen doesn’t even score a huge amount of goals.


Not the shitty call for the pen? Not the defenders that melted when it came to crunch time? How about Giroud’s crappy finish when put through on goal? Or Iwobi’s poor finish? How about Wenger’s shitty management taking off our best finisher at 60 mins just 1-0 up?

Wasn’t a good finish sure but the reality is Özil is many things but a clinical finisher he isn’t and to say he lost the game for us just isn’t true.


Laca is not of the same stature nor do he possess the influence of Ozil within the team.

You need to stop making excuses for him. He came up short in a clutch moment. Simple as


He came up short in a match where he was on the bench? Right. Missing one chance is not the reason we lost that match.

But, just to be clear, from the bench he is supposed to correct the referee’s mistake and improve the play of the rest of the team?


I specified ‘moment’, in any case, for world class players it shouldn’t matter if they’re coming off the bench.

This isn’t the point. We know the quality of the team’s football is dogshite. All i’m asking for is a world class player to come up the the goods in a situation where he doesn’t need to rely on others


My point still stands. He missed one chance. That team should have made loads of chances. It’s not Özil’s fault that they didn’t. All players miss chances. Messi has missed chances. Ronaldo has missed bloody loads!

The rest of the team being shit is not his fault.


it really doesn’t. Sounds like your making excuses rather than just admitting he came up short in a clutch moment.

The team’s ability in finishing chances is a separate issue imo.

You keep on changing the focus to the team rather than the individual and that chance and the greater issue about Ozil’s generally lukewarm impact at this club. After he leaves i think the true extent of his influence or non influence will be obvious. In that revelation I may very well be proven wrong about him


All good Ozil won’t be here next season so according to all his critics that say we are a lot better without him it looks like I will be able to enjoy a sustained title challenge next season when he’s gone.


The first thing Ozil done when coming was set up Iwobi who missed. He isnt why we lost the game. We lost the game coz we did nothing for 80 mins then threw the game away.


Ozil makes great players elite. He can’t make mediocre players great. Not a useful player for this squad with a bunch of mediocre players.


Fixed it again