Membership renewal

When does it start?

coming over for a game?? :slight_smile:

Almost every year. The last time was against Stoke in december :wink:

I thought you lived in London?

I haven’t lived in Enfield since 2014.

From Italy is a bit of a giveaway cristoff :wink:

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FFS! So slow to renew. We deserve to be in the Europa League :hipster:

What you on about? You can renew now.

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Yeah, just did it :slight_smile:

Whereabouts in Italy do you live? What Italian club do you support?

I believe he lives in Rèdcafé, Italia, and his favourite club is Likès Infinito, an obscure club from the border of Rèdcafé and Parma.


Monfalcone in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. I support Parma.

Fuck off Cerveza boy!

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It was con amore as always, Luquita. :kissing_heart:


I don’t remember which Cerveza they drink in Seville. It was a good one!

My family friends and OH pretty much split down the middle about whether to renew their season tickets following today’s events.

It’s possibly a gamble worth taking if the waiting list disappears over the next two seasons of treading water in the league / Europe

I actually regret renewing my basic membership.

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[quote=“shamrockgooner, post:18, topic:1490, full:true”]
I actually regret renewing my basic membership.
[/quote]How long are you tied to it for Sham? What’s in a basis membership package?

Its yearly. I just go for the cheapest option so its basically just access to tickets.