I’m going through the biggest heartbreak of my entire life and coupling that with a depression that was rife throughout the relationship anyway, I am now at a place where I fear there is no return. I know I come across as some angry short tempered weirdo on here and in all fairness that is true but please, if anyone on here has actual experience with certain medication to take so they stay alive but are completely immune to emotional trauma, or at least numbs it drastically, please chime in. I love you all.



Go to the doctor dude- don’t fuck about self medicating (if that’s what you meant). I’ve taken low dose antidepressants at certain low points in my life. In my experience I only needed them until I felt strong enough to focus on the important issues- they give you some breathing room I suppose. Good luck mate



Hey Gio, you have seen me be here and I won’t want to impose as someone with maturity to tell you how to deal with it.
Please don’t rely on medication.
Let time heal you my friend.

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Thank you. I guess I’m just embarrassed to say it’s because of a girl. But it is. And that makes it sound so trivial. I am a completely broken man with no passion for anything and want it all to end. If It wouldn’t hurt my family for me to go then yeah I’d be gone. The power of love I guess.



Seriously - go and talk to someone mate. Regardless of the reason, you can’t help how you feel. Properly prescribed medication will take the edge off and allow good thoughts into your mind instead of spiralling down, but it’s also important to talk to someone as well. They don’t have to necessarily be a professional counsellor or anything (though if you feel comfortable enough then I would suggest that), but having someone to be able to speak to will help immensely.

You obviously have people who care about you so concentrate on that.



Sorry to hear that mate. It’s a shitty situation.

As for meds, I only had bad experiences. For the first week, they made me double tired but only able to pick up an hour or so sleep a day. After that, drowsy as fuck all the time and feel a never ending need to sleep.

Best of luck if you decide to go that route.



Sounds like you had a really shit doctor. Clearly the wrong medication and/ or dose. Modern treatments really shouldn’t cause these side effects.

Medication isn’t the sole answer but, when properly prescribed and monitored, they will certainly help.

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Mate, I know exactly what you are going through and you have all my sympayhies. I actually went through a breakup at the beginning of this year too (we did reconcile since) and put myself through a whirlwind of a few weeks. I work in a hugely male dominated and egotistical enivironment (in the front office of a trading floor) so I know exactly how it feels to think people will think you’re pathetic and weak for being hung up. But you’re not.

Please talk to someone before you take meds. I agree with all of the great posts above.

And I know this is only a forum, but I know a lot of the community here think very highly of your posts so we see you as more than just a fellow blogger. We’re all behind you and happy to chat about anything if it’s gonna help you.

Ps. If you’ve never suffered from depression before, I’d advise you to hold tight and let time try and heal things. After a break up, each day does gradually get better (even if it doesn’t right now).



I’ll read properly shortly I have to leave for work. I fucking hate life and I hate love.



If you are up for some women hating and feminist trolling, let me know. :sunglasses:



As already said, go talk to somebody mate.

Was in a very similar situation last year, life completely turned on its head because of a woman I loved, ended up in the darkest place I’d ever been. Did some stupid shit. You’re not on your own mate.




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Like everyone has said go an talk to a professional weather it be a gp or mental health crises drop In centre.

Break ups or never easy but things do get better over time you never know what girl just round the corner



I don’t have any experience of what you’re going through but I didn’t just want to read and run. I hope you find the help you need – whether that’s from talking to a professional or friend, or another outlet such as writing – and feel free to rant on here, i’m sure no one will mind :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think the best thing to do is grieve and get it out of your system in all reality. Antidepressants and alcohol etc can sometimes be helpful but if you are really down unfortunately all they do is mask, you are better off grieving. If you do not get things out of your system however you decide to cope whether that might be whether getting a punch bag, crying going to the gym sitting in a room and sorting things through in your head you need to go through the process. Unfortunately if you do not do this all that meds and other things do is prolong this situation and it will still need to be dealt with and what can happen is that you start using these things as a crutch and that can add to your problems.

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I know it’s hard to imagine but things will definitely get better.
I haven’t experienced this myself but I have had several friends who have been in a similar position and they have said that depression is hard to understand, if you haven’t been through it yourself.

The fact you have come on here and asked for advice shows that you want to help yourself overcome this.

You will get over this break up and you will meet someone else but I’m sure that’s not much consolation for the way you are feeling now.
So, as others have said, you should go and speak to a professional who knows what you’re going through and that knows how to deal with it.
They can prescribe you with any medication or counselling you might need and these are the best people to ask as it’s their job to help you.



@Gio please go talk to a doctor. There is nothing wrong with being on meds.

Many many many people are.

However there is something very wrong with going on meds yourself, as these drugs can be dangerous if stopped suddenly, or changed suddenly.

Your doctor can help you find out which ones work for you, whether that be this drug, that drug, or even no drugs whatsoever. May just be you get some counselling and be ok. But you need help, don’t do this yourself!

Please get some help, and find someone to talk to. In the meantime we are here bro :facepunch:



I know this will seem like a small point here mate but you’re the only non Arsenal fan on here who people have ever actually given a fuck about. Given how tribal we all that what it shows is how likeable you are, at least that’s what I think anyway.

Loads have said it already but the number one thing you need to do is talk to someone. I have a take on this and it’s not from personal experience but from the experience of someone close to me and it’s this. You need to speak with a mental health professional who will find with you the right balance of meds you might need. Only the most amazing of GPs will be able to do that for you simply because of how busy they are. If you have such a GP then go see them.

Please keep a check in here with us too. I genuinely think this community is amazing when it comes to support for this type of thing. It’s the disagreements about whether or not Ramsey is a legend where we’re a bunch of numpties.



Thank you all for your wonderful and uplifting supportive replies. It means a lot. I do have some friends in real life but not a lot because I am a very difficult person to deal with and massively caused a lot of the issues with this girl I’m on about. It was toxic from start to finish but I have never loved anyone like that in my life. I don’t think I ever will. I’ve told her as much many times over and it doesn’t seem to work.

I could tell the entire story more or less and it will show that I was massively to blame for what it all was but I still believe deep down it was gonna be the woman I’d marry.



THAT right there…the reason you are hurting this bad is because of this. I dont know much about your situation but you might want to look into Narcissitic Personalty Disorder. I have been through it with someone before and it is not pretty. When the break up happens whether it is a girlfriend or family member or friend it is so soso much worse than a standard break up it is severely damaging to you. If this is your case it is because Narcissists use a lot of techniques that mess you up like love bombing they mess with your head and heart and when they leave they give you no closure and leave you feeling like you were the problem when all along they were creating them. Please look into this situation…if this could be what is happening to you, you have my deepest sympathy because these people know exactly what they are doing and they are extremely nasty to deal with because the know exactly what to do to damage you and they do it willingly because they know it causes hurt and they feed of it…really nasty shit!!

The second part of what you said there is what rings a bell with me, you have shown and stated how much you love and care for them but it makes not difference. Sounds to me that you have given your all and shown and said that you love her, but instead of her taking that and working with you she has taken that and used it as a stick to beat you with and injure you…i have a strong feeling you have been dealing with a Narcissist and that is terrible as they know exactly what they are doing.

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