McClaren, Moyes, Pulis, Bruce


How the heck do these blokes keep getting jobs as managers in the PL ?


Add Mark Hughes to that list. Maybe Pardew too?

Pulis is probably the best of the lot tbh. I can actually see why a low club would hire him.


I would like to see Hughes in charge of, say,
Aldershot Town, and Pulis having control of Torquay Utd.
Then again, I’d like to see Wenger oversee Caen or Lorient, just for the craic


I used to think that about managers like Souness, Curbishley and Hughes.

It’s as if because they have managed several clubs, no matter how unsuccessfully, they will still get offered decent jobs.

How McClaren got the job at Newcastle just shows what Ashley knows about football.
It was obvious to everyone except him that getting him from Derby, where he had done almost nothing, was done because he was cheaper than getting a proper manager for such a big club.

I can only think he took some advice from someone who knows about football when he hired Benitez.


You know what you’re getting with Pulis and that’s someone that will play shitty football but keep you up.

The rest are utter gash though.

I remember Moyes commenting on Özil maybe a season ago that the “jury is still out on him”. Beyond hilarious.


They are British.


Hughes does perform though. 9th in three consecutive seasons with Stoke is not bad at all.


Is it? He’s spent lots of money for a mid table side, and not really improved the club from where it was with Pulis.


I think it is for a club which still played in the Championship in 07/08. Pulis never made top 10. Or you have to think 9th it the same as 13th.


Because they are british. The british media are reactionary and so love them.


Because they have success in what the clubs in question want. Either promotion or staying in the PL. Simple enough really.


McClaren and Bruce are shite, and I feel like the time of them getting PL jobs off he back of their name alone is over (or coming to an end).

Pulis certainly has his merits, he’s good at what he does. I wouldn’t group him with those two above.

I would have said the same for Moyes even after United, due to some good work at Everton. Now I’m not so sure. He looks completely lost.


Is it? Picking a manager is about maximising a club’s potential…and when foreign managers are doing this far, far better than the english ones mentioned as a general rule (Southampton is a perfect example, from Poch, to Koeman, to now Puel) you do have to wonder how massive corporations that are clubs, in the richest league in the world still keep making the same mistakes…

Your statement really only applies to Pulis tbh. McClaren certainly didn’t keep Newcastle up lol, nor Bruce Hull, nor does it look like Moyes Sunderland.


My reply was realistic not idealistic. I agree with you, it’s what clubs should be doing but for whatever reasons they aren’t. I’ve always been a huge admirer of how Southampton have gone about their business. Swansea too.

What I said was promotion to or success in keeping the club up in the PL (so either or both being the benchmark I’m identifying) which most certainly applies to all those managers regardless of how they got on in their most recent PL job it’s something that’s on their CV from the past. Bruce in particular has achieved 4 promotions and his team’s have never went straight down again either.


I thought Bruce was widely known as the man to get your club back in the PL. Maybe not so good at progressing much from therein though. He lead Hull to an FA Cup final and another good run in to be fair.


Steve Bruce is a good manager for the small clubs. He actually had Sunderland not being shit and fighting relegation all season in 2010/11 I’m sure they finished close to top 10 with players like Henderson, Gyan, Welbeck on loan.

Also took Hull up after a three year absence got them to their first FA Cup final and highest ever PL finish of 16th. Then in 14/15 got relegated by three points and took them straight back up again.


I actually really liked Pulis at Crystal Palace, such a shame we didn’t get to see him do what he wanted.

I believe they parted ways due to not agreeing on a transfer strategy.


So, said Puliscunt is being relieved of £4m
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Just in case anyone was wondering wtf that post above was about. :smile:


Yes. Of course I should have.