May 2022 council elections

First time in my voting age life I won’t be voting SNP. I still would like independence but I cannot vote for the SNP while Nicola Sturgeon is leader anymore.

She has totally lost her mind since the Omicron era started. Today just rubber stamped it further. Can’t stand her now.


I’m still confused why so many in Scotland favour independence, but guess that may be my English prejudice speaking. We’re not all that bad and there is still something special IMO about the Union, stronger together than as seperate Countries. Fully respect why you would want to break away but would have thought devolution would have helped. I always feared that leaving the EU would push Scotland further away. Watching the EU result come in was a very dark day indeed. So if not the SNP @Calum …who are you voting for?

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What happened today that reinforced your dislike of her?

Continuing the mask nonsense until Easter Monday and no guarantees it goes by then either.

We have the highest infection rate in the UK and the only part of the UK that has a legal mandate for masks lol.

I only wear them in shops now anyway stopped wearing them on the train in February it’s just the sheer audacity of her to continue with this charade longer than the rest of the UK to show she cares more.

This is the third time!! she’s changed the date now. She can’t give up the control she’s had over the last two years.


Ireland seem to be doing alright


Dont think so tbh. England has a north south divide. Getting worse too and the last budget will compound it further.

To be fair, we’ve been at it for a hundred years now.


Not sure about that tbh…benefited hugely from EU money. An independent Scotland wouldn’t necessarily get back into the EU straight away. If they did there would be a need for a hard border between England and Scotland. Scotland would have to pay its share of the national debt and wouldn’t be able to continue to use the pound. England would technically be better off without either Scotland or Wales, but personally think we are better off together.

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I can’t think of any reason why any English person would want to prevent Scottish independence for anything other than selfish reasons.

I don’t think there’s any chance it just happens the way some think it would. You’re essentially putting a further vested interest into the whole Brexit mess.

I think the SNP missed a trick after Brexit. They could have backed up May as soon as she was installed and helped her pass some weak ass form of Brexit that some Labour could have even got on board with in exchange for a deal on another referendum by say 2025. Instead it’s 6 years later and they have never been further from another vote. Unless they are in the same room I doubt Boris ever even hears Sturgeons voice.

And yes, Ireland has benefitted a lot from EU money but mainly in terms of infrastructure which we didn’t have much of thanks to our colonial overloads of the past. :slight_smile:


Brexit was a complete mess and that’s all down to the arrogance of David Cameron. The vote should have had two questions: leave and remain; and then if leave preferred relationship with the EU. May was a total mess trying to sort it out. At least with Boris, one of the architects responsible for the Leave campaign has seen it through.

As for the comment about colonial overlords…what did the Romans ever do for us eh!!!

Lucky him


Still waiting to turn 26 into 32🙂

Dinnae need IndyRef2 for Independence…

Yessssssss lad, join me on the anti-SNP team.

Sturgeon is a piece of shit and I hope Scotland gives her the finger in May, as a preview that she is about to get the boot.

And the alternative will be what party then my friend.

Labour will be top.

We have stv here so you have to rank them all anyways

Don’t expect much then past appeasement politics.
There’s fuck all opposition to these cunts in charge though.
Fuck knows why but somehow credit cards and Netflix are enough.

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Tbh all I can do is protest vote least the labour councils were slightly better than this shower in charge.

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Why do you wear one in a shop but refuse to on a train?