Matteo Guendouzi

Yeah it’s true I’m in sales, I get 3 weeks a year lol so fuck all y’all saying I only get 10 days…scrubs. but ne ways when ur off u don’t make any money anyways cuz there’s no sales going on and when u come back there’s just more work to do :joy::joy: went from last June until now without a vacation, but all u soft euros wouldn’t know nothin bout real man problems, shitters.


I figured you didn’t like it because you’re pro-depression :laca2:

All joking aside that’s one of the reasons I love working for the government. We have use it or lose it vacation leave every year and the prevailing office culture is that your leave is your time and you can’t bank it, so you should absolutely use it. One of my senior colleagues (no kids) goes on insane backpacking trips every year for two weeks at a time!

Everyone should have those benefits. Not just government workers.


You’re clearly someone who hasn’t had jock itch at the same time as rapid male pattern baldness.

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Lolol. Seriously tho I can’t complain. I mean one of my work days last week consisted of presenting tequila to some of my buyers and bull shitting with them while sipping on a glass of $300 extra anejo. My career is dank af ngl.


Aloe vera is supposed to be good for both of those.


Being European is so shit. Always wished I came from the Land of the Free so I could get shot on one of my ten days paid leave and then have to sell my house to pay the medical bills.

Truly the greatest nation on earth.


Uppers, downers, all arounders.


Ffs lol



@BigWeng_4LYFE ooooof


Including weekends? Crazy stuff man, because of the pandemic and having a kid I’ve taken alot of 4 day weeks this year, just wake up see its sunny and I’m like yeah I’m not going in today.

But usually I work 5/6days a week all year. Only take time off for a proper holiday. I love the grind.


Yeah, so weekends I had off then, anyway.

I can remember one day was for a wedding in Glasgae on the Saturday (so took Friday off). The other was for an interview.

The rest of the year, Mon to Fri, I just worked. :pensive:

There are at least 18 soft euros who couldn’t deal with the real man problems we have out here. See this is why all the tough men from out there migrated in the 1700s, cuz they wanted that smoke from the wild wild west bby. USA, USA, USA, USA, TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP :us: :us_outlying_islands::us_outlying_islands::us_outlying_islands::us_outlying_islands::us_outlying_islands:


I wrote my dissertation on Britain’s colonial conquest of North America and the early settlements of Roanoke and Jamstown and this right here man, honestly, work of art- you should publish.


France’s favourite son does it again.

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France have had him playing in a more attacking role. He usually has been sitting deep at Hertha.

Guendouzi vs Iceland 2021 - Skils, goals, passes Highlights 1080p, Next Aaron Ramsey? :large_blue_circle: :red_circle:

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Fuck not taking holidays.

I’d be a broken husk and even more of a mess if I didn’t have my holidays

And I want more.

Wrong thread?

Anybody else watched him? He always sticks out as a senior player playing among kids. I guess his hair helps too. It probably rattles opponents even more. I remember Fellaini fell for it. :sob:

Anyway, Claude-Maurice looked good too. I expected him to blow up this season. From the sounds of it he recently started picking up form. Definitely one to follow.