Matteo Guendouzi (29)


I like what I see but some of the hype is nuts.

In any case based on the two game showing he should be starting ahead of Xhaka for sure.



lol his hands look like something from E.T.


I agree completely. It’s refreshing to see an Arsenal midfielder in recent years so resolute on the ball.

Despite being so impressed with him during pre-season I didn’t foresee many opportunities for him in the league this year but actually he looking like he’ll be pivotal for us.


Especially this is something that can’t be taught.


It’s almost a poisoned chalice having someone that young in the team. If he ends up being real good, he could be gone for big money as early as next summer (money we probably won’t reinvest in the team for a known player). If he’s crap, he’ll inevitably cost us results.


If we could see his potential we would be the manager and not Emery. Just like some people say Pogba is overrated and shit. But the bastard got a World Cup winner’s medal. So what can we say? Let’s wait for Guendouzi to fulfil that potential now shall we?


France won because they had the best team, they had Griezmann, not because of Pogba.
Pogba is overrated.


Tofays performance was miles better than his City display imo. Calm on the ball, shielding well, pressing hard all game, incredible lungs :henry2: and the ocasional laser sharp linesplitting pass to the attackers. This guy has SOME future for us and Unai will be perfect for nurturing him into a future great COYG !


Its kinda sad that guendouzi looks so much more mature and calm on the ball then our 35 mil swiss international.

I love this.


Embarrassing that a 19 year old from Ligue 2 is our best midfielder by some margin.


Can’t believe how we got this kid. His potential is Ballon D’Or nominee worthy. He made a tackle to stop a counter run from Hazard and then sprinted like a maniac in the 83rd minute. What was this guy doing in Ligue 2?


Embarassing, but at the same time fucking brilliant ! He is so calm and confident for a 19 year old without being nonchalant. Will rule our midfield for the next 20 years Sir Gwanduuzi.


I’m done
How are guys talking about him like this now after all the stick last week?

Nah bruv chill it can’t change that dramatically
Give it time


Don’t want to hype up this kid too much but I would much rather have 3 Guendouzi’s in my team than Xhaka and Ozil.


Imagine a team with 10 Gwandoozis :giroud3: we would win the league i tell ya !


God that would be boring


Are the people lavishing praise the same as the people who gave him stick last time?


Oops. Classic PUI

Gwarn Guendouzi


After replying to you here I saw some of your other posts plus the time of day they were made and put two and two together lol