Matteo Guendouzi (29)


Aw, bless him


At that exact moment, Matteo woke up from a long coma.

The end.


Wouldn’t expect an attitude any less from a footballer at a huge club. Fans can be as downbeat as they want but if the players are any less than hopeful they’ve got no chance.


Still need to get used to us. He will learn.


Cute and ridiculous, but you want people who are super confident, as long as they also have insane work ethic at that age/stage.


Or just another average to decent player


Our players have been talking how they can win the Premier League title for the last decade, hasn’t helped them come close once so maybe they should take a different tact.


Maybe they should talk about how they won’t win the premier league. Then they’ll all be like “yea, well, we’ll show you!!”. Reverse psychology never fails!


Couldn’t care less what our players sprout off the pitch, all that matters is what happens on it.


Could someone make a photoshop of this kid playing a soprano saxophone next to Kenny G???


Or David Luiz?


This guy :giroud2:


How can anyone not see this guy’s potential? Up there with the best performers today.


What a player he is ! 19 years old ! 19 ! Already more experienced than Xhaka.


The kid is great


That tackle in the end…just wow! Xhaka would have never done that!




No need to write in here.


He looks better when paired with someone competent


He was great. The difference between him and pretty much everyone who’s played back there for us, is his decisiveness with the ball. He’s reading the game well so he picks up the ball and it moves it on quickly, instead of dwelling and letting the defense settle.