Matteo Guendouzi (29)

He’s still miles better than anything we have at our disposal for CB.

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I’ve said it from day one. United were robbed the day they bought him.

Maguire was blown up hugely from the World Cup 2018 exposure. Leicester laughed their way to the bank with their very own Coutinho moment. The guy ain’t nothing special.

In fact one thing he’s very good at is probably what he least gets mentioned for (from what I’ve seen) - his ball carrying abilities.

Both Maguire and Luiz are shit

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That’s kind of the point of both players and Stones. To be ball playing defenders. Maguire is immense in the air and Luiz is too to an extent. United fans reckon he needs a fast CB to cover for him and it was a terrible decision to let Smalling go because of this.

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He’s not though. If he played in our defence he’d be the second incarnation of Mustafi. He’s a plodder who routinely gets turned inside out and just beaten in one on one situations.

The Maguire myth, as @ArsenalFanNoTV pointed out, hinges on his showings for England at the 2018 WC.

I wouldn’t have paid even half of what United paid for him. To think he’s the most expensive defender ever will alway be a stain on football records.

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But we have Tierney Luiz and Leno who are all superior to Utds options…Lindelof must be a fucking animal.

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Well it’s clear as day that AWB is an awesome defensive right back, and the United team tends to feature 2 defensive oriented midfielders. In general they’re a much more compact and well organised team than us.

We played half this season with Emery (allowing 20+ shots a game) and under Arteta, City game aside, we’ve looked much more assured at the back.

One for the conspiracy theorists :grin:

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The annoying thing is, if we sell him he might get humbled. The next team that get him will reap his full potential and he’ll do a lot of maturing.

He’s 20. We should guide him not sell him.


Straight swap for Ndidi :grin:

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Tells you all you need to know.

The kid is a clown, sell to raise funds for Partey and other midfield additions


What was Emery letting this kid get away with then this can’t be a recent issue. Unless the fact Arteta is enforcing actual discipline is what’s causing the stir.

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Sounds like he’s being shown the door. Somewhat disapointing but the player has to respect the manager and club. SAF has shown that’s key how many times?

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Under Emery he was playing though. Plus it was his first season. Maybe being an Arsenal player has gone to his head? What Arteta says and does it does seem like he takes a lot less BS than Emery, true.

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Emery wasn’t up to dealing with the bigger egos at PSG was he? I’m sure he didn’t want to disappoint a fairly talented, albeit confident youngster who seems to have a good idea about himself and probably let him run free with it.

Arteta probably knows he has to have some backing from the senior players which in turn, gives him passage to make an example of Guendouzi instead. The youth from El Hale End seem grounded individuals, it almost feels like Arteta wants to keep that balance intact.

I’m a fan of Guendouzi but if he’s acting like a knob and needs a scalding for whatever it is he is doing/has done, then I’m behind Mikel on this one. We’re looking at a tidy sum if Guendouzi and Arsenal do not work out and I’ve made my peace with that.


Well he joined under Emery as a nobody. I don’t think it’s out of the question that 2 years later after being relied upon heavily and called a £70m player by some fans that his ego has got to a point where it’s caused some nonsense.


Same, we know he has a temper but internally you need to keep your mental in check, otherwise you will never make it no matter if you’re a talent or not.

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We need to get rid of the attitude problem that has permeated the club for years.

If Guendouzi is acting like a prima donna cunt, then sell him.

We have to start by sorting out the mentality of the players at this club. Buy into the hard work, or get the fuck out. No easy rides for anybody.

You look at City and Liverpool - those players work their bollocks off for the team. We’ve been languishing in mid-table and you have kids like Guendouzi kicking off because they being told to adhere to some basic rules /discipline. Good riddance if he’s being a prick.


Big Guendouzi fan, but if he’s acting like a cunt, then I back Arteta all the way. No one’s bigger than the dressing room